Quick Post

Yes, another entry … can you believe it ?  I’ve posted nearly every day … of course it’s never what you losers really want to see, and that is photos.  whatever, like I give a shit.  😛

So bingeboy did what he was instructed to of course —- paid My $210 cable bill and My $400 electric bill and sent $1,000 on a xx and also he picked up FIVE items from My wishlist – including some Rock and Republic pants that look killllller.  cant wait. :: EDIT :: and for punishment for not knowing how much of My money he had – he has to send another $300 xx and also he picked up a few Armani tunics.  :D:D:D

hahahha I love it !!!  Also, I forgot to post AAA ( pastyslave now known as ! ) $500 pretty little GD as well.  I had him right where I wanted him.  he first suggested something like $200 Tribute to My Perfect Globes … HAHAHHA as if.  you know I am relentless and it just kept going up and up and up ! HAHHAHAHAHA

I loveeeeeeee My Birthmas 😛  boobie zombie sent $500 last night but he was in a shit mood — he’s such a needy puppy – always has been, he didn’t even last a month before his weirdness kicked in again !  so he’s been released to the wind … again !

bikiniboy ( aka fetchboy ) is still working hard for Me.  FIVE bikini’s and a pair of D&G sunglasses have arrived.  I’m only waiting on one more =) heheheheh.   I’ve also assigned him so SICK ass Gucci sunglasses that he WILL get Me before MY actual BIRTHDAY.    jerkoff sent $500 to ME last night too — he maybe coming into town in a week and half, so I may go meet with him 😀  but he better bring BIG MONEY … HUGE money this week and of course the day he visits.  HAHAHHA

I’m also planning a quick trip back home this month – I think I’m going to leave on the 26th and return on the 29th – so someone needs to get ME the airfare for that FAST – I think this would be a great job for agpayvictim !!!!  :D:D:D