And all that jazz …

So as usual, My plans have changed.  My superdave trip has been postponed ( YAY ! ) because he’s finally getting into the final stages of the vanilla biz he’s been working on for the last three years.  he says we are about 60-120 days out from our first project !  Funding begins soon for investors and we are really geeked about it.  So in celebration of him having to post pone that class in South Africa, I’m grabbing My best friend ( aka GoddessDivine – now retired ) and we are taking off for four days to Florida.  Obviously not My first choice for a mini vaca, but like I mentioned in previous post she doesn’t have a passport so we are limited to the places with SUN and BEACH until she gets her bootie in gear and gets one – I’m afraid it won’t be very warm, average temps this time of year is only 70’s, but maybe the weather will surprise us.

SO what this really means is YOU get spending opportunities for the rest of the month until we leave.  AGsbitch has already covered the 2 bedroom junior penthouse for us, ( $742 ) so all that is left is airfare ( $450 ) rental car and gas ($100 ) and of course SPENDING CA$H !!! I rarely buy anything in those shit shops, but, I do like to EAT a lot AND I plan on drinking a few cocktails which is NOT in My nature to do so ( I dislike losing any type of control ) so KEEP SPENDING on your PERFECT Goddess who demands nothing but THE best !

I’ll be heading BACK to Florida end of Feb or beginning of March, but will be to south florida to visit My parents – so make sure to save your pennies for that trip as well.  Clearly won’t cost you as much since I stay with them and My Momma is always cooking REAL food, but nevertheless, I do not pay for these things.  This is your DUTY as My minion 😀  bahahhahahhahaha

#1 paid My gas and My electric bills this month and stupidnoob paid My cell phone bill ( although the next bill will be due on the 14th so that needs to be taken care of ) and also took care of My cable/internet which is over $200 a month.  I guess I’m watching an excessive amount of pay per view movies !   I also should be doing the MONEY dance this week from #1 with his regular $1000 SMOKING HOT weekly tribute.

blackmailedslut has until Jan 29th to pay what he owes Me … $2500.  There is zero room for error here or bullshit.  If he decides to wank Me, it’s really going to be an UGLY scene, I will gladly recruit other WELL known Dommes ( ie top of their game ) to DESTROY him just for fun.  he’s been warned, and this is a zero tolerance zone bitch.  That should go without saying ! 😀

My little sissybear has come quite a long way since the very first time he contacted Me on Twitter.  he’s now sacrificing for ME and MY Greedy wants.  he’s not eating out for lunch, he’s taking every dollar and giving it to ME.  Some New Years Resolutions STICK, and this one will 😀 bahahhaa.  he bought two amazing dresses ( one I’m waiting for to get in ) and I know that the dress $135 was the most he’s ever spent on ONE item 😀  hahahhaha coming along VERY nice.  Just yesterday he sent Me a surprise Victoria Secret GC to My email bc I was feeling a little under the weather !  I LOVE THAT !!!!

marky is easing back in and purchased an amazing poncho off My wishlist and he has two more items to pick up before this week is over 😀  I’m sure he’ll be saving to give Me a GREEDcard for My vaca at the end of the month too !  agpayvictim is having some vanilla real life issues, so he’s on hiatus for a hot minute while he gets his stuff together.  I’ve said before, I never mind being patient, and he’s never screwed Me before, so why not ?! 😀  it ALL comes to Me in the end doesn’t it ?  Yes it really does.  tommy spent $600 so far this new 2012, and agfucktoy in with $500 – you can believe that I’ll be wallet raping agfucktoy before I leave for Florida 😀  hahahha he needs a good FUCKING.

I’ve been working out with Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred.  This is literally the first time since I was 18 that I have exercised on a regular basis.   Its almost killing Me.  I’ve always been perfectly thin, but I noticed I am losing some My toneness, which is completely unacceptable.  I’ve taken My habit of drinking 8 mountain dews a day to 2 a day.  I’m trying to drink more water.  I’ve always been SO blessed with an amazinnnnnggggg body that I’ve NEVER had to maintain so this just plain SUCKS, but superdave says he can already see definition in My legs, but I think he’s just trying to keep Me motivated !  I do NOT want to lose any more weight ( I only weigh 110 on a fat day, I average about 106 ) but a few lbs have already come off =(

Two of My boys ( one present, one from the past ) have lost two people they cared very much about this last week.  and it always pains Me when a good boy is hurting because of death.  I’m so glad I was also blessed with the empathy/compassion gene instead of being a total CUNT 24 hours a day.  seriously ladies who do this, doesn’t that get TIRING ?  complaining and whining is just plain unattractive.  I do My fair share of complaining ( for instance …. Ive been tweeting non stop about working out and being unmotivated ) but what I am not is a negative nancy, and understanding the multi layers of human condition means sure you can ” do what I want ” – but its HOW you do it.  SAYING YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT doesn’t mean ANYTHING.  Are you the type that screams to be heard or uses much more subtle more effective conditioning ?  That is the difference between a girl and a Woman.  Are you the type who screams and cries they will NEVER EVER forgive a boy and then does ?  that’s not control.  thats out of control.    Are you the type of fin domme who screams about ONLY wanting luxury  items and massages and yet still has a bed on the FLOOR ?  Anyway, talking about being negative, this whole paragraph is negative !!! lol  My boys go through ups and downs just like I do.  that means being able to be empathetic when it happens to them.  I tend to surprise My boys with My empathetic side when it’s presented, but I’m not someone who pretends or lies.  Im proud of all of My boys, because they serve The Best.   so My condolences to the two boys that have to deal with the end of a life, you will get through this and come out stronger and better to serve ME.

I am 30 items from 4,000 ITEMS PURCHASED on My wishlist.  That is amazing 😀 and in case you didn’t know, I didnt even use My wishlist the first 2-3 years that I started online, because I clearly remember being wanked early on the wishlist and did not use it because of that, so you can do the math, but bottom line is : I’m the best.