2011 here I come …

My Birtmas is officially over and SOME of you nerds did really well for Me and some .. not so much !!!  This is going to be a LONG post so sit back and get ready to READ !!!!

My last post I challenged you losers to get MY Amazon Wishlist up to 3,000 items purchased by Jan 1 – and you DID IT !  pat yourselves on your hump back !  I’m currently up to 3011 items purchased !  YESSSSSS.   it was actually razzle dazzle that put the final items into his cart while I was sleeping !  Apparently he couldn’t resist buying because of the new animated gif made by peanut and so he KNEW he had to submit !  you all remember raz right ?  he bought ME an Ipad last summer and then disappeared.  Oh you slutty boys !  whatever, I get what I want, when I want it, so one boy falls off the face of the earth – there is always another boy willing to take up the SLACK !  anyways, he’s deposited over $400 into one of My accounts and hit My wishlist for 9-10 items.  HAHHAHAHAHAHA that’s what I’m talking about — oh yeah … MORE MORE MORE !!! :D:D:D

bitch bingie has done a FAIRLY good job at satisfying My Greed – January bills were due, so he happily paid them all — Cable was $220 and My cell phone bill was $315 ( opps had a balance from last month bc hollywood ONLY paid $150 on it ) and also My electric bill, and I have ZERO idea how much that was for bc I haven’t even gotten My bill yet this month ! HAHHAHAHA !  Also this hit My Greendot account from bingie

I love your $$$ in MY accounts !
from a twitter admirer ! goodbye rebook easytones ! they are amazing
travel size of My new favorite skincare line !
Marciano from PRINCESS LINDSAY aka SRB !!! how SWEET is she to get Me a Bmas gifts ? 😀
some stuff from banishedboy
from bingie of course ! HAHHA

I actually lost the GZ’s for a minute.  I was looking for one of the tops that bingie got ME and forgot where I put it ( who does that ?! ) and found both tops in the GZ box.  LOL I bet bingie cant wait to PAY for some photos and maybe even a little clip of ME in them.  in fact, I KNOW he can’t wait. bahahhahahhahaha.

:d it was a good Birthmas !
click the photo for a short short clip.

That’s a lot !!! but is it ENOUGH ?  you drones already know the answer — NO !!!!  HAHHAAH  peanut was the FIRST to Tribute ME in 2011.  that’s right losers, he BEAT YOU to it — HAHHAHAHAHA — :D:D:D and also made ME the new header and animated gif for My blog !!  Awesome !  I will be sending him something special this week !!! and of course pastyslave ( AAA ) was the first to Tribute on My Actual BIRTHDAY of $200 ! woot ! peter sent $75 – and I got a random $100 from a boy from mfds.  nice.

on Saturday night I was looking in earnst for My Mexico trip — I kicked around Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Rivera Maya, Bahamas  — and I settled on basically My original thought — MEXICO.  now as you might remember boobiezombie paid for that trip ALREADY – but then we ” broke up ” so I spent that money on Christmas for OTHER PEOPLE.  :D:D:D  guess who popped up in MY IM during My 3 hour search ?  agpayvictim !!!!  AND he was talking about how he wanted to do MORE for Me — I keep him on a pretty short leash bc he’s so young and I don’t want to make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past with boys and ruin him, so I’ve always assigned him trips, airfare, or bigger purchases ( he bought My sectional sofa last year and also the net book ! )  why does HE get this honor when the rest of you dont ?  BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH !  hahha and in true spirit of doing MORE for ME — this is what happened !

1 of 3 from agpayvictim !
2 of 3 from agpayvictim
3 of 3 from agpayvictim

SO first I found this SICK deal on travelocity – 5 diamond star rating – swim up master suite and airfare for cheap — but I dicked around too long – because of course in the mean time I went to the actual hotel site and found the same suites were $600-$800 a night !!!!!!!! wtf ?!  and they are NICE – jacuzzi on MY balcony with private pool !  I was so excited, anyways, I dicked around too long and when I went to enter MY cc stuff in and that shit timed out and raised it the price nearly 50% !!!  dicks !!!!  so after searching for another maybe 4 hours — I found a 4 diamond star rated hotel that fit ALL My criteria.    you’d be surprised how many of these resorts do NOT have internet access in rooms but only in the lobby.  UH NO – I MUST have internet so I can abuse your wallets while I sun Myself !   So it’s all booked !  Im leaving in 3 short weeks for 4 days !  of course, I’ll upgrade My flight to Business Class on you losers ! 😀  that’s a gooooood victimized boy !!!! — oh and on top of that – agpayvictim also sent $300 for My Birthmas ! HAHHAHAHHAHAH I loveeeeeeeeeee My life !   so I’m totally excited !!! he WILL be getting a few special photo sets and clippies as rewards !

jerky paid $200 for My Birthmas — interestingly enough —  some of you boys think giving ME a BIRTHMAS tribute means I have to give you something like pics or a video clip — FUCK YOU !  WHY would I work for Birthmas Tributes ?  wtf ?!  that was nipped in the bud QUICKLY !  No you will not receive attention until I’m satisfied you were used hard enough for My Birthmas – DO NOT msg Me.   agvictim sent in $50 – I think I’ll just wipe My ass with that – AND it wasn’t even on MY Birthmas — it was 6 days later.  FUCK YOU – for now all I can hope is that you DIE bc I’m the only beneficiary on your insurance policy ! HAHHAHAHAHHA – heheheheh

Ok I think that’s it for now — keep making 2011 the best year EVER for ME ! :D:D:D

ps – ” sub4goddesskaren ” on yahoo – MIKE XXXXXX from KANSAS CITY.  you haven’t served ME in TWO FUCKING YEARS.  how DARE you fucking still use an ID associated with ME.  take it fucking down or Sherri is getting a call.  FUCK OFF and die you stupid broke bitch – I already msg’d you on yahoo AND texted you on your cell — don’t make ME go CRUEL on you … STOP USING MY NAME you skinny UGLY person — lol funny enough the few times he would say how handsome other chicks thought he was — HAHHAHAHAHHAHA NO YOU REALLY ARE NOT.

::EDIT:: shortly after I posted this – the ID went away from MY yahoo list.  😀