How fast time flies in a charmed life. So many changes and wallet drains that I couldn’t possibly list them all in a single blog entry, so let’s go over the highlights and future plans, shall we ?

The biggest change in 2019 is that I moved to the west coast for a little bit to enjoy the weather, the ocean and the high gas prices ( that you pay for ) It’s been lovely exploring new nature shit, and meeting new people. I’m not sure the west coast is for Me in the long run, but for right now I’m enjoying every single moment !!!

My girls @jadedhalo_ and @mskatiesavage flew out to visit and we spent A LOT of your money and had the best times – from hiking to cocktails and so much laughing, I always love hosting My girlfriends. I think we definitely get AB work outs just from the sheer amount of laughter that happens. of course, we spend some time comparing stories of boys and sharing giggles and tricks of the trade 😛 plotting against you is always so much more fun when you share it with your Girl Crew. feel free to pay for their airline tickets AGAIN to come f*ck it up again !

#WLB has been on fire for the last half a year. spending thousands of dollars ( 13k plus ) on Me and My magical whims. $15,000 ( and counting ) for Birthmas alone, which means he beat ankle biter’s $13.8k all cash Birthmas Tribute from 2018. IMPRESSIVE. you can bet My panties have been wet ALL of 2020 so far :D. HAHAHAHAHA. one of the BEST most amazing gifts was this new sex toy that literally is the BEST thing EVER made. LOL. see ? along with cash, its the little things … like amazing sex robots. LOL

another #Birthmas highlight was #spendy. spendy has been around as a financial slave for many years, he comes thru every few years and drops a substantial amount of cash, and promptly disappears. I believe the last hard wallet thumping I gave him could be … 4-5 years ago. but alas … they can NEVER stay away from the AG. he started with a quick $300 tribute on My NITEFLIRT to speak, and almost instantly knew it was him …. and thus began a wallet spanking that left Me breathless, and happy. just under $10,000 in about 3 hours – that included a new MacBook Pro, and a Revolve shopping spree. maxing him out like his credit limit going BALLS deep into that wallet and pulling out MAGIC. it’s the only thing IN your pants that is actually magic if we are being honest … right ? 😀 I f*cking LOVE it. I love the sacrifice, I LOVE that your dumb stick is dripping and leaking for Me, that you can’t help yourself and MUST spend. in that spirit of YOU spending and ME receiving, I decided that I would take a quick trip back to Thailand for a week and guess who paid ? it wasn’t ME !!! spendy came in clutch covering the airfare ( it would be better as business class though — seriously dig deep ) and My hotel stay and upgrade to My suite. he will also cover all the misc expenses, spa days, hair appointment, gas, parking for LAX etc. ANDDDD he sent $1k cash for spending. spendy is aptly named, dont you think ? it’s SO hot. OH and also another $900 Revolve order is on the way for the trip … but to be honest, last year I was naked most of the time … so HAHAHAHAH. spendy is obviously getting extra thailand content attention. be like spendy 😀 I’m going to wait to give My readers the TOTAL amount spent until after the trip …

I did not think I’d be going back to Asia again so soon, but I’m not mad about it. I love feeling the sun on My sun kissed skin, and floating endlessly in water. I’ve found in My life — the water has always re centered and re focused Me, and after the move to west coast, it’s something that I realized I need to find My motivation again. On a personal note, I lost My dog to cancer at the end of 2019 and that was a difficult loss. My boys were very supportive at the fast and expensive decline that is cancer, with tommy being incredibly supportive. he paid for MANY specialist appointments and even a wheelchair for her – but with her age, and the diagnosis I felt it was time to let her go. so I’m looking forward to some beach and relaxation time and to start 2020 in a positive, creative mindset. My last trip included a private huge villa with a massive private pool, in a very remote location, which just made leaving a pain so literally drained the mini bar out EVERY day that it ended up being an almost ridiculous total, so this year – I made sure I’m close to town, but away from the MOB and didn’t go as fancy with My accommodations, but I’m still very excited just to be back in Thailand. it’s quite an affordable destination if you don’t mind the longest plane ride of your life. LOL – again – you can upgrade Me to business class !!!!

tommy has made sure to keep Me happy with $1300 in Lululemon gc’s and took very good care of Me while Abby was sick, and in the last few months he’s been as consistent as he’s ever been, which is surprising since he was one of My first boys online yearssss ago. he’s been sending pretty much as I demand, which has been very satisfying <3 to about 9k — but there is a dark horse that appeared though, and I really enjoy chatting and draining him — hi bob :D. bob always gives one of My tribute methods a really good hot work out. I love that I can DM him and poof he appears eager and weak for AG. I plan to use him often !!!

of course, there are hundreds of tributes received thru 2019, but you know I’m covered in that Bad Bitch sauce, so you know I’m always thriving.

in other news, I plan to drift from OnlyFans and start focusing on AVN in the very near future. pay walls seem to be necessary with the crack down on SW’s and just the constant free wanking that you boys THINK you deserve. you don’t deserve to want, or orgasm. you PAY for that. you don’t get to admire Me or worship ME for free. so My social media is mainly are throwbacks and classics. new content will always be behind paywalls or sent directly from Me, unless I upload a PPV on Niteflirt. you NEVER get anything for free.

maybe next entry I’ll include some photos 😀