And away we go …..

Listen, I know.  I say every blog entry that I will be updating regularly.  I don’t know what My issue is with writing blogs.  I used to blog several times a week, and now it seems to be several times a YEAR.  When did I become such a procrastinator ? It’s actually quite sad.   SO – maybe one or three or nine of you boys should INSPIRE Me to write more.  HOW you ask ?  I think this should be self explanatory, but I’ll remind you …. CASH.  So next time you’d like to see a blog entry — send Me a VENMO with ” for blog entry update – PLEASEEEEE Goddess ! ”  and that SHOULD inspire Me, let’s just call that a PLAN to have happen.

So, let’s move on.

My summer schedule is always crazy, for the next few months, I am obligated to more vanilla activities so it will be challenging for you drones to get ahold of Me, but as always those close to Me always have access ( with cash of course ) however, you know Me little ones, I will be at the pool at LEAST once a week to soak up that sun and splish splash in the water.  I am from Michigan, so being in STL and it’s basically land locked has Me homesick in the summers because around here there aren’t very many inlet lakes.  I can only think of 3 and one of them gets e coli constantly ( the most popular party lake of course ) and sorry – a GODDESS wouldn’t DREAM of even dipping a pinky toe into that.  It’s very gross to Me.  I spent My entire life in Michigan on water — My families lake house every summer all summer.  I learned to water ski when I was seven, so having NO WATER around Me makes Me upset, and really the only alternative are pools, so that’s where I shall be when I have free time, and of course Six Flags with the season passes you paid for.  thanks =)

If you follow My Twitter …. you know I was planning a trip to visit MsKatieSavage at the end of June and now that has to be at least July because … I GOT A JURY SUMMONS.  How do they pick people I wonder, because only three short years ago I was called and served.  Superdave has NEVER gotten one, and most of My friends who are born and raised here in this god forsaken state also haven’t.  So, I was planning on going on June 24 – 29th and I get the notice and it’s for June 25.  THAT really sucks.  My agpayvictim is paying for that trip, but the price goes up A LOT once you get into July, so now I’m thinking I may just go back to Mexico for all inclusive instead — I know, Mexico, its like Florida, but for Me, being on a plane for hours even in business class sucks, and Mexico are very quick flights.  Either way — My agpayvictim is paying for My pleasure – maybe if another good boy steps up — @MsKatieSavage can fly to Mexico and meet up – THAT would be amazing.

My sissybear has been on FIRE lately with his NEED to serve ME.  SHE has bought ME countless EXPENSIVE bikini’s but nothing like the one I received from him last week — $220 !!!!  In fact now that I think of it, SHE has purchased THREE just within the last week !!!  Of course SHE also sent My Venmo cash as well when I demand it, although SHE really likes to buy ME bikinis and dresses 😛  SHE bought this LOVELY Trina Turk frock that I just love and can’t wait to rock it !

LOVE this bikini from My sissybear !

I know that SHE is proud to SERVE ME and can’t wait to go even DEEPER for ME.   I have to say, SHE has taken a while, but slow and steady wins the race this time and I’d think SHE would agree.

Since the last blog update I was at 4,251 items purchased on My Amazon wishlist and CURRENTLY I’m at 4,410 items purchased.  A lot of that damage was from #1 — he really went on a crazy binge at the end of April – I even had him SPEND his hard earned money on MsKatieSavage and on LuxxLady, but his CASH deposits is what made Me creammmm My tiny sexy little panties.  His amazon gifts totaled $6400 and his cash transfer total was $6,150 !!!!   AND on top of that he took 4 or 5 COCKS just to please Me.  I love My #1 bottom bitch – makes the rest of you look kind of shitty doesn’t it ?!  don’t beat yourselves up about it … well on second thought – yes beat yourself up about it and then DO better. Of course, he’s also sent Me $$$ and paid MY bills as well this month like he always does and should because I’m PERFECT.  Who has a $260 cable bill ? I DO because I’m a PPV movie JUNKIEEEEE.

CASH totals from #1 for his hot like fire BINGE

Let’s see — agsbitch sent $500 cash bank deposit and $850 in Venmo.  he decided ( and on his own I might add ) to forgo his mortgage payment a little bit and give it to ME instead, this little peon struggles daily with his need to be completely humiliated and hated.  he would much rather be hated than liked.  Masochist much ?  he’s had a lot going on with deaths and illness’ and household shit going on and so he’s on hiatus.  I SAY hiatus because this bitch knows he can’t escape MY perfectly THIN ankles and MY dark almond eyes.  he thinks he was dreaming before ?  wait until the dreams of AG take over, it’s going to be intense.  he still to ME anyways is responsible for MY next iphone upgrade in October – and he will receive MY old iphone as a reward.  imagine that … using MY personal iphone that I’ve taken zillion of photos on, spoke on, texted on.  it’s a financial slaves DREAM.  he is afterall – My apple boy. bahhahahhaha – oh LAST month he took of My huge verizon bill too.

irish is down for the count it seems as well  – after his wife caught him on the pc with ME, but I DID see another tweet from his other cheater twitter ID.  he was made to purchase a $165 top and $135 AG lavender shorts — which I loveeee, except that I’m back down to 24’s now and these are 25’s so by the end of the day they are a little stretchyyyy, but truly LOVE them.  I’m not sure what will happen with this boy.  he was only around consistently for a hot minute.  he’s paid Me on and off since last winter, so we will see when he comes calling if I’m still available to even speak to him, OH and how could I forget he sent $500 Western Union — I also of course went balls deep into his clipvia and NF and sent Myself another $400 because I fucking CAN.  oh that reminds Me, I really need to answer his email back …….

Western Union from irishslave

whiney came through and spent $100 and $250 and he will be lit up again as well this weekend, so he better start getting those pennies together for Me.  jack came also came through a few times, I think his total is about $500.   tommy is blacklisted until he checks his fucking attitude at the fucking door.  he is 100% PATHETIC.  I’ve taken about $8000 from him since the beginning of the year and now he wants to cry.  I dont give a fuck – CRY all you want – we BOTH know after 7 years you can’t fucking quit Me you dumb jerk.   AND that satisfaction is ENOUGH because bitch, when I do speak to you again, there will be ZERO mercy.

I heard from bingie and we had a nice conversation – but apparently he’s too broke to serve.  I find that UNbelievable because he always has cash stashed.  of course I know what the issue is.  I’m fucking addictive if you haven’t noticed yet.  I’ve got it ALL.  BODY, BRAINS, PERSONALITY.  I use it ALL to get what I want.  I don’t care what YOU want.  it’s always about ME stupid bingie !! he did buy some clippies from clipvia. oh goodie, give yourself a cookie.  I want what I want, and that’s your CASHHHHHH.  bingie always got greendots or sent Me cash — what he needs to do is sign up for venmo so he can use his cc to get ME what I want =)  don’t you minions agree ?

This entry is already getting too long – so I’m going to finish this up with a new boy named walking wallet.   he is a trip.  he had Me giggling SO hard the other night on Skype, usually I mute My microphone and just type ( yahoo cams are REALLY messing up and freezing lately — maybe you drones need to update your YIM ! ) but this boy was TOO drunk to understand that so I actually spoke to him.  This is interesting, but generally I don’t do cam 2 cam sessions because honestly you should be totally focused on ME and MY images that swirl in your fetish crazed brains, but I did make an exception and I’m glad I did.  I gave him an assignment which he failed because he lost his nerve,  so that will be coming up SOON.  he knows he MUST perform and do everything I ask him to do – because I got it like that.  SO anyways, he had a few ( a lot ) of drinks and he was SO wasted that when he was done drinking his last cocktail, he asked permission to pee, and I had him hold it, and then I said fuck it, pee in the glass … and he did of course which I took screen shots of.  I took SEVERAL screen shots of him last night.  amazing.  really amazing 😛 but then because he was SO wasted he KEPT drinking his own pee on accident.  like seriously.  when I would laugh at him and remind him that is PISS he would get the BEST looks on his little face.   sometimes he actually drank it and sometimes he SPIT IT BACK IN THE GLASS and then 5 minutes later would drink it AGAIN.  it was crazy comical.  so for the last two weeks I think we are up $2500 which is INSANELY hot.  I send him photos during his work day to remind him WHO now owns his cock, brain and best of all – WALLET. ( hence the name walking wallet )  he of course is a recycled slave who has been passed around a bit, but I do have some hope for him !  he bought Me these super cute Splendid lounge shorts and they SAY they are extra small — but they are more like mediums, but still super cute.  I’ve been wearing them to bed .. I bet the wallet LOVES that. bahahhaha.

aussie oinkers came by and sent $450 for some used panties and also picked up a dress, cosabella bra and matching panties for Me =) I added some more to the wishlist because he has certain panty tastes.  like a full back and silky/satiny.  I’m waiting for him to pick those off the wishlist soon.

I’m tired of writing this now, so I’m going to end it with a slide show of recently received pressies.  wank wank wank and then pay pay pay – I’ve added a TON of photos you don’t deserve, but now that I’m at the end of this entry, I didn’t caption them with who bought what etc etc, so, just use your vivid imaginations I guess =)


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