Back in SoKo

Hey!  Here I am.  Have you been wondering what I’ve been doing and how I’m spending your not so hard earned cash ?  It’s time for an update from Yours, truly.

If you keep up with Me on social media – you know I’ve made it safely to Seoul, and have picked up right where I left off.  I basically hit the ground running with friends waiting at My apartment for Me, and hence began the typical hang out and drinking.    I showed around some new friends around Seoul and had an amazing time ** wink wink **  and thus began a few weeks of tour guiding visiting friends as well.    In the meantime, I’ve had My lashes done,  My eyebrows micro bladed, root perm, and other beauty maintenance that I didn’t pay for, and My continual shopping on your dime.

I’ve also accomplished what I set out to do 11 months ago.   I’m now a dual citizen and will be a double fisting passport holder soon !  It’s taken a lot of time, support, patience and of course YOUR MONEY.  you will NEVER stop giving Me your money, because being weak minded is IN you.  worshipping ME is the LIGHT that guides you to sacrifice MORE for your Perfect Goddess.

I’ve been fielding a lot of initial DM’s lately, and I’d like to remind you losers, that I don’t answer emails or DM’s without CASH money.   If you wish to speak to Me via chat you may HERE.    Expensive is a lifestyle, not a choice.   I do not CHOOSE to speak to you new losers without something in it for Me.   DUH.  this should be well known by now.

My legendary wishlist is closed for now, but you can still send Amazon Ecards to My shopping email.  – the rest of My Tribute methods are still open and ready to be filled, as usual.  I’m thinking of taking a short trip to Japan or maybe Thailand in late October or Nov.  I’m not sure yet, and have just been tossing the idea around in My head, but of course I’ll not be paying for this right ?  why would I have to do such things ?   I’ll be home just in time for you know what …. BIRTHMAS !!!!!!!!

I’ve been neglecting My fitness time however, and that’s been the worst.   I’m getting back on that gym membership train next week, of course, that fee isn’t something I pay for either … ( if you’ve guessed correctly – My entire charmed life is about NOT paying for anything ) as it benefits you sicko losers too.   why ? because My fit body makes you spend EVEN more.  it’s such a vicious cycle of pleasure and pain isn’t it ? 😀  delicious.   recently, I’ve been doing some serious uphill walking/hiking, but the weather is changing here rapidly and the pollution will start to get bad, so it’s crucial your GODDESS has a gym to run in.   I picked up some fresh new trainers here because Korea actually carries My tiny petite size.   I had a difficult time finding running shoes last spring if you remember ….  OH and speaking of which,  for one of MY BIRTHMAS gifts I want is a treadmill for My home so I don’t have to run in the cold of winter.    WORK ON IT BITCH.

ag_worship, weakling, bingie and semi regular losers have been making sure I’m being taken care of while I’m here – but THEY and YOU can do better for Me.   It’s important to remember when you’re late with promises that I’m going to punish you further by tacking on more and more.   I always win.   you strive to take care of EVERYTHING I need AND more.   I’ve programmed and brainwashed you to grovel at My gorgeous, perfect feet and beg to GIVE and then give more.

My Apple and gadget addictions are strong again, and while you have some time before I get back and I start to demand new upgrades,  it WILL happen.   so get ready.    Ipad,  MacBook Air,  Watch Series 4,  and I’m on the fence about a new phone, since I JUST got the X in November of last year, but I’ll research that more when I return.

2018 has been a VERY expensive year hasn’t it ? 😀