Quick and dirty entry for you financial pets that crave abuse and usage.

It’s not often anymore that a slave can impress Me ( or most Dommes )  but when they do – it’s BLISSFUL for the BOSS … for example ….

A few months ago — My email from Niteflirt was blowing up — and I see this breakdown :

This is how you get My Attention
This is how you get My Attention


I love it.   of course I stepped it up and this little dumb bitch had to re-gather his ” courage ” to approach Me again.  HAHAHAHHA I love when you slaves mindfuck yourselves. HAHAHHA.

I woke up yesterday to a $500 GR — always the PERFECT way to rise to the sun.  With TRIBUTE.    I emailed this lowly slave and quickly another $500 was sent.    HAHAHAHAh I laugh to Myself because we BOTH know he’s just been caught by The Boss.  Into My Greedy web of WANTS over your NEEDS.  where you belong.  HOT.

this slug worm easily slips into subspace and it’s OH so hot to get into his little pea brain and walk around.  learning his weaknesses to be used against him whenever My little greedy heart desires.

Mid day – I commanded this minion to sign up for an easy tribute method, with instructions to use it and also to send Me an amazon gc  – while I did My work out and took a nap –  which he did $500 amazon and $500 tribute 😀

db's first amazon gc
db’s first amazon gc


as evening progressed — more just flowed into My Greedy hands.  deeper and deeper into submission this boy falls willingly.   amped to fulfill My wants.  GRATEFUL to be considered at all. HAHAHAHHAHAAHHA.    another $500 and to end the evening with a promise of $3300 and $500 more.  Total yesterday 3k from this weakly measly slug bug. HAHHAHAHAHAHAH


Promptly this morning this boy was on his knees — working diligently on moving money around to be satisfy Me.    first 1k in of 3300 😀   and THIS is just the beginning HAHAHAHAHA.

this marks 4k
this marks 4k


orgasm denial and taking over online accounts will begin shortly.   bank to bank transfers will be a way of life for this little worm.  IT knows it’s place is at MY perfect dainty beautiful feet and ankles.   thin, smooth, arched perfectly – enhanced only by My stunning legs and tiny rice cakes.  HAHAHAHAH.

Yesterday was a beautiful day with boys sacrificing for ME.   MY sissybitch although on break makes sure MY Korean dinners are paid, My beauty appointments are paid and any wish list assignments.  SHE loves to buy MY personal vibes 😀 HAHAHAHA   mr nameless also went on a bit of a wish list mini binge for ME – picking up several fitness gear items, lush bath bombs, and new Tory Burch sunniesssssssss !