Dear Slackers :

The new year has come and I haven’t even wrote a blog post for you.  Isn’t that just the worst ?  No worse then what you slackers have been doing.  ZERRRRRRO.

What have you missed ?   I took about 10k off of ankle biter, this included cash, bills, brand new living room, new gel fuel fireplace, clothes and treats.  What did he get ?  many days of orgasm denial !  I let him release on Valentine’s Day and he ran for the hills, complaining about taxes, car repairs blah blah blah.   How can anyone have a useful relationship with you losers who bust a nut and run ?  pathetic.  Anyways, I know he’s not forgetting he is responsible for My $300 cable bill ( he did pay My $264 verizon bill 😀 ) and if he forgets let Me remind him he owes Me a vacation as well, and I WILL be taking that in the form of straight CASH bitch.  Do you not remember My aggressive side ?  Do you wish for a reminder ? No, I didn’t think so.

The rest of you have pretty much been quite pathetic as well.  slacking in every way possible.  There has been a few bright spots ( vacuum cleaner, new bedding ) but generally you have really sucked ass.  whiney did pay his $1500 or whatever, but I’ve decided I’m extending his contract as well three more weeks, which starts NOW.  so, whiney you know what to do, and how to send don’t you bitch ? you can bet on it.

fluffers sent $2k, but ran because of some overly paranoid notion.  sometimes you boys are so easy to get riled up.  you’ve been doing this for HOW many years ?  Trust is a precious thing, and can be ruined at any given time that I deem.  ALL slaves need to remember that.  pulling the trigger is easy.

bouncing baby bob has been clearing away many items from My Wishlist, which I love, but nothing pleases ME more than CASH.  CASH. CASH.

mark still owes Me $250, not to be confused with marky the ass lover who owes Me BIG time.  french slut owes Me $2k, blah blah blah,  you ALL OWE ME.  isn’t that interesting ?  How easily you fall behind.  How STUPID are you ?  dummies.

I’m considering taking down this blog or making it all password protected — I don’t use it a lot anymore, and clearly you slackers are wanking for FREE and think that My kindness doesn’t come with a price.  Believe Me.  IT DOES.

Since My Birthmas — little peanut procured — and I’m considering having it go to My tumblr page, or having it sent here and .net to tumblr.  I’m still kicking the idea around some.

I also will be making a trip home to Michigan soon for a family event, so that will need to taken care of as well.

TAKE your HEAD out of your ASS and get your shit together boys.  This is serious.