Experiment has failed !

I started an experiment in 2014 of taking it back old school to do #CashCam #WorshipCam more often, as I really had fallen off giving those attention who have earned it rightfully .. only to have to fail.  and fail miserably !   Disappointing, however, it’s noted that the requests for cam can now be officially ignored by you dipshits, because I HAVE been online and you’ve done nothing.   so, ruined it for yourselves, which is sad, but yet OH so expected.   sorry you failed again.  Can you ever do anything right ?  think about that.

little greg ( not to be confused with ankle biter lol ) has transferred $1000 total into My hot little hands.  always a respectful and shy boy which I enjoy, but it’s time to get on a weekly tribute schedule for ALL My wants and needs.

speaking of ankle biter …  $400 plus $3300 for My next holiday.   white sand beaches, aqua blue water, relaxation and sun.  I can’t wait.   My winter blues has only been on the rise because of this harsh winter.   I love to use this little bitch, but it’s even better when he begs for the abuse and thanks Me for the pleasure.  Recently he was given a few months break to recover from his last binge, and he told Me upon his return that he no longer has the ability to orgasm.  it just slowly drips out of him at a constant level.  he constants has to ” pad ” himself from leaking too much at work HAHAHAHAH.  so, apparently he tried to orgasm while away and found I had programmed him SO much of the last 5 -6 years he’s UNABLE to, all he can do is DRIBBLE, which is SO fitting for him.     THAT’S the hottest !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve hidden MY main wish list, as it seems there is a rash of wish lists and accounts being shut down, so it’s now ONLY on a shared link.  the MrBigStuff-Premium list, GiftCard list, and new vacation list is public for now.  I kind of like it, because it discourages you from ONLY buying gifts instead of TRIBUTES, and also keeps the rash of copy cat syndrome down.     So a handful of you have My list link, and you may shop it anytime of course.

twitter admirer has been the only boy who has bought items from MY Vacation list, so far – I have to admit that I don’t mind not getting a zillion boxes and bags EVERY DAY – EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR except for bank holidays for YEARS.

I also LOVE to know My boys READ and respond to MY blog demands.  In My last entry I mentioned how amazing I think aussie admirer is for picking up $400 in Spafinder gift cards for Me, and how I would need $400 and more … a few days later .. and email showed up with $400 more.  total of $800 SpaFinder cards !   THESE will be used at the spa at My resort, and also for My local spa here.   THAT made Me smile for DAYS.   let’s see if it works again.  SKRILL ME aussie !  <3

2014 is all about Cash Tributes and more blogging.