Letting Birthmas Begin !

Yes, let’s not beat a dead horse about how terrible I am about updating this blog.  I think you boys should Tribute Me specifically for blogging, so that I may be inspired to do so more.

I’ll just do a quick update on My Korea trip.  It was insane, on so many levels.  It was heart wrenching, bittersweet, and yet fulfilling in ways I didn’t think was possible.   The first week was absolutely horrible, but after I essentially told the guide to f off, and I left off on My own back to Seoul, things got back on to track, and I ended up extending My stay there.   I’d like to be back in 2014 for a possible 3-4 month stay.   It really took Me a while to get back into the swing of things when I got back home.  My jet lag was almost intolerable, making Me fall asleep at 1pm and waking up at 3am for almost a week upon return.     I was on Korean live TV, submitted DNA, held Korean babies, hung out in Gangnam,  saw lots of ” matching ” couples, ate A LOT,  drank a shit ton of coffee,  saw the ocean and visited My Birth city.   All in all – It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to get back.

So now that it is officially My #Birthmas 2013 – let the REAL celebrations begins when credit lines get higher, wives aren’t paying attention to spending,  holiday bonus’ have been distributed and you KNOW this is THE time of year you and Myself LIVE for.   ONE month long celebration of Yours, Truly.   Since I’m also in a fabulous mood that means the more the spoiling flows, the more I release and send to you little money slaves who thrive on ANY attention I bestow upon you.    THIS is the crucial time to prove yourself worthy of service, deep adoration and worship.    this is when it counts and this is when My expectations elevate.  I do expect you to complete and go beyond.   This is non negotiable 😛

I’ve already had to block two long time wanking time wasters in the last week.  frenchy and rob.  these two annoying freaks have to be the longest running shitbags around.   I generally don’t block boys as a rule, but I’m DONE messing these f*cks.  Also, tom mackey is on that list, although he’s been blacklisted for months.   So if you’re a long time annoying shit bag – I’ve felt a complete satisfaction on blocking these males.  if they ever want off the block – $1000 paid in full, not in installments either, you slimy males.

I’m excited to see what you boys will be spoiling Me with this #Birthmas 2013 !!!  😀  how deliciously sinful to watch you wiggle and twitch under My control.


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