#FriCam :P

I hate walking, and hate it even more after this week.  I was able to walk 17 miles this week, today being My best ” time ” so far just over 30 minutes.   I’ve lost like a lb, nothing to brag about, bc My weight as always tended to sway 2-3 lbs back and forth.

Anyways – I’m about to hit the shower and get ready for the already infamous Friday Night CAM !  My perfect yellow peds will grace GLAMWORSHIP this evenin – make sure to use MY code – AG0012 and I’ll be on yahoo messenger for My little drones as well.  I didn’t get My reward clips finished this week, which annoys Me I was hoping for instant energy from this new walking routine, but it hasn’t hit Me yet, so I’m still all sleepy and procrastating, but it will get done, also I need to mail out a BRA to boobie zombie and if aussie oinkers hits MY accounts again $-) he’ll get some pretty special panties as well 😛   same goes for Images4Sale, I just didnt get to it this week.  it really is My top priority, so once those tasks have been completed I’ll feel MUCH better about going to My BIRTHMAS.

bingie reared his pathetic addicted head today with $1k to hit My XX heheheh and also a new oscilating heater from My wishlist, and I really needed that bc My loft is sooo drafty with My huge windows.  I’ve also sent him email instructions to pay My electric and cable, and also heard from hollywood that a cell payment will be made as well. 😀 nice.

OOO also — Guess who’s coming to hang out tonight ?  It’s MsPerfectPeds !!!  We will have our SHEER LAUGHTER NF Lines on this evening as well, because I know how much you freaks love to hear us LAUGH at you !!! :D:D:D –  so maybe BOTH of our Perfect FEET will be on GLAMWORSHIP tonight.  whooo hoooo.

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