Girls Night !

Awhile back I was looking up haunted locations in My area, I don’t remember what prompted the search, but I landed on this historic haunted mansion turned Bed & Breakfast — just a few miles away !!! I was about to go to Florida so I couldn’t fit it into My Goddess Schedule, but I made sure to let LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds that we were going when I got back ! 

So, back in the 1980’s – this place was titled one of the most haunted places in the US — So I made our reservation and off we went !  Pretty much the entire family commited suicide inside the house.  It was built in the victorian times, and was really a Mansion back in the day — after the family died and the remaining relatives left,  it was sold and made into a boarding house, but had difficulty keeping tenants because of spooky noises, and “ghosts” wandering.   It was left vacant for a long while and then sold to the family that owns it now.  Its been rehabbed into a bed and breakfast – there are only six rooms avaliable – and they have paranormal tours, mystery dinner stuff etc.  

side of the mansion driving up.
William Lemp and Lady Lavender
our creepy hallway !!!!
Front of the Mansion
in our room =)
late night ghost hunting snacks !

This particular night – we were the ONLY guests registered, and the ENTIRE staff leaves at 4pm and you are ALONE ! YIKES !  they gave Me keys to the backdoor so we could come and go as we pleased.  I had to drive there just to check in, bc we hadn’t planned to go until dark, so I did that, and took a few pics on My phone, but in general forgot to even take photos. LOL.   I went back to My place and did a quick pack job and met up with MsPerfectPeds and LuxxuryPrincess as darkness fell !!!  We all got that creepy feeling as we entered — in the dark.  They have a lot of old portraits lining all the halls and they have that quality of looking at you where ever you are in the room — I didn’t tell the Girls though, they had enough to deal with …. =) heheheh.   

We turned on our Niteflirt lines and let the games begin.  We noticed we were A LOT meaner when we were together, making boys cry on the phone while we ridiculed them.  it was amazing.  If you missed it — well you missed it !!!!  

We had some spooky things happen to us — noises mostly, we didn’t see anything , but that might be because we didn’t take any photos in the dark which would’ve had orbs or whatever – but we didnt.  We did bring My camcorder that has night vision so we started out with getting our buzz on and then we started our wander.  We went to every floor in the dark – 3 including the basement – we got some strong readings in some places, but in general the mood is creepy but nothing started floating or anything 😛  I even had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom twice – down the hall in the dark alone and was perfectly fine !!!    We woke up in the morning and went to a diner for  a huge breakfast ! 

We will be going back AGAIN in a week or two for another sleep over bc another friend of ours couldn’t go this last time.  We will be better prepared for it 😀