I’ve been invited to be on GLAMWORSHIP.COM and I took the offer.  being online lately is become BORING, so hopefully this will spice up MY online experience and revitalize it !!!

Go to GLAMWORSHIP.COM and put in MY code when you sign up ” AG0012 ” – go ahead and get your little tails over there now and SIGN UP using MY code asap !!!!! 😀  the link can also be found on the quick links to the right of the blog.  but you still need MY CODE.  so use it.

I’ve also informed agpayvictim he has the great honor of taking care of MY next holiday.  This time though – TheAG goes alone.  I’m thinking another cruise, this time to the Bahamas ( just four days ) or just jumpin on the plane and taking My ass down to Cozumel again in January.  I can get a SICK suite with a swim up terrace for the cheap.   Anyways, its been assigned to him – and he’s crapping his pants, because with this vacation, he’s basically funded three.  hahhahaha.  he wanted to know why I give him the vacation assignments, and frankly because of the rest of you nutbags can’t be trusted to follow through.  agpayvictim HAS proven over and over that he’s reliable and trustworthy.  MAJOR points in MY book, and that’s the only book that matters !

hollywood and I had a nice little chat the other day, and I’ve given him the responsibility of paying for MY next round of hair extensions ( I made the mistake of cutting them OFF when I got back from MY honeymoon and now regret it a lot ) which will take place around the 10th-ish.  and he will also have the humiliation of picking up not only MY cell – but My HUSBANDS cell bill too.  OH the humiliation of going to in person to PAY MY BILLS.  thats hot.   more bills to pay – step it up drones !

First night back to being online and I cleaned up with about 1k.   drunkdude paid $700 ( that was My cut after TS fees ) and then I got on cam and his iphone didnt work for cam.  LOL .  Okkk then, more $$ in My pocket !  agpayvictim gave $100 and $100 from agfucktoy, peanut sent in the smallest tribute EVER – which will NEVER get him off the BLACKLISTED section. bahahha.  but he DID surprass 4k in tributes.  On to 5k peanut ! bahahhahaha.  I spent a little time talking to squishedbug online last night, he hasn’t poked his head out into My IM in about a year.  I didn’t really demand any $$, because a good bug knows just to  make a deposit …. :D:D:D  Oooo and I got a random $200 from an old old old admirer ( boobie zombie was his last nickname) back from the beginning days.  he’s a handful and not likely to last because he CRAVES and BASKS in My attention, but he’s a cheap ass compared to back in the day when he was stealing it. lolol.  MORE =)

My wishlist went to a COMPLETE stand still while I was gone.  you sneaky lazy drones.  Guess what ? time to make it up to ME.  I’ve added a few more things to the wishlist, but frankly I’m bored with it as well.  maybe some lovely pressies will change MY attitude.  you can only HOPE and DO IT.  hahhaha. 

I finally got that stupid PPV rendered to NF.  took forever, and I dont like doing them – so you should get it NOW because who knows when the next one will come out ?!  GO HERE AND SPEND $55 measly dollars.  :D:D:D

brian you owe Me $250 STILL and xxxxx owes ME $500 plus late fees every day.  :D:D:D  Remember to check his exposure on the victim maker livejournal blog !!!!  hahahhahaha – EDIT – REMOVED because he paid $1,000  and also brian paid his $250.