Hello tom

For the last 5-6 years – tommy has been tributing Me — which adds up to tens of thousands by now, he’s also a slut, and I do not own him, but I will gladly take his money ( just like the rest of you sluts !!! I dont care who owns you – you come into MY IM box and want to give ME $$, I will be taking it !!!!!  ) the last few months though – I’ve had to put him on block for annoying the piss out of Me – yesterday I get this EMAIL from him, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an email from him ….

i have got it bad again

somehow ran into my all time favorite photo of YOU Princess
it is this one i attached
now i cant do anything but think of you
please allow me to worship YOU again Princess
my exams for the summer are over
i leave for some navy assignments this weekend but will have internet access
please Princess?
thank YOU for YOUR time and attention
so I told him this before – he needs to pay $500 to get even a word from Me, and what does he say ?? ” I’ve got to get my wireless connection up Princess ”  WTF is that ?  clearly he’s online – who the fuck really cares if he’s on wireless or not ?  BLOCKED AGAIN BITCH.  and guess what ?  it’s going to take $1000 now you stupid bitch !   
and then stupid VINCENTE has the fucked up nerve to msg ME ?  Blocked bitch.  get off My cock.