I’m a Ninja, I’m a hoodie Ninja

I know, I know.  I am also disappointed in My lack of motivation to update this blog.  I’m not sure if it’s been the weather, or what – but it’s becoming a problem !

So, let’s just get right into it !  bingie has ended his binge on a positive note with a lovely $500 release fee, an amazon shopping spree, and of course the delivery of My second macbook ( $1100) a new Taylor guitar ! ($800)  the guitar is gorgeous.  I only took a photo of the box so I’ll upload another at some point.  I had a handheld dyson assigned to him, but he was being such a pussy about the cost of the guitar, that I told him I would think it over a few days and then poof he was gone and release fee paid before I was able to re assign it.  sneaky bingie !  Im letting that shit go though, because there is ALWAYS another round of binging from bingie !  he ALWAYS says he’s done with Financial Domination every time his binge ends, but we both know better — he’s still on My subscriber list and on My twitter list 😀 tehehe.  

the one that shall not be named paid his punishment fee, which was 1k, but I forgot I made it a higher fine because of his pissy attitude about it, and he paid $1500 via ClipVia 😀   I always win — EVEN if I have to WAIT.  It’s So worth it too !  little boy got really pissed for a hot minute and threatened to chargeback on ME, but that was QUICKLY taken care of.  I wish this boy could get his emotions TOGETHER.  cha ching into My bank account though, so YAY Me.  Boo you !

tried and true hollywood has been TEARING IT UP and he’s totally right – MONEY NEVER SLEEPS !!  he’s been faithfully depositing his $500 every Friday !  W/we are planning a trip soon for him to visit STL soon – and it’s going to be a doozy.  gonna slut HER all up and take her out for some dick sucking and total domination of his wallet and accounts. HAHHAHA it’s SO much fun being ME.  we’ve had some fun fun fun online sessions lately — she’s going to be getting OH SO pretty and then DUMPED on.  bahahhahah !!!!!!   SHE has done MORE shopping on My wishlist and on MY VS wishlist.  Im also deciding on having him or agpayvictim pay for a 3 night 4 day stay in Myrtle Beach in the next few months because I’m taking My bestie to the beach for a few days so she can get some relaxation time in.   I’ve found an AMAZING 2bdrm suite for on the cheap $1300 for three nights.  that’s pretty sick !  I can’t wait.  airfare has ALREADY been covered.  now it’s just about booking 😀 

Speaking of travel,  I’ve been in the works with HaughtyFemDom to host something of a Domme Getaway and Networking extravaganza sometime at the end of the year, early 2012.  ONLY the most elite and well known Dommes will be invited.  No broke frontin bitches allowed.  We are currently working on the blogsite for this – and will have POLLS about details, like do we stay in North America or tropical ?  Who’s got passports ?  We would really like this to be a REAL chance to network, cultivate and celebrate the Female Dominant.   We think it would be a great opportunity to cross film,  network, WORK together and cross promote.   Obviously we understand that not everyone of the Top Dommes gets along, or that there is some drama.  If you’re invited and you have an issue with another Domme who is invited – put your big girl panties on and deal with it.  This is a drama free networking extravaganza !  Of course, if you are invited and don’t wish to cross promote or work with others, then you are free to do what you want – laze in the sun, shop, drink.   Once we get a total headcount, I’ll be able to work on group discounts at a hot resort, or you can go high roller and get your own suites/rooms.   So be on the lookout for the new blogsite announcement, and if you have any questions, you can contact Me at mzasiangoddess@aol.com  – We are not in any way going to make a penny of this trip btw.

Another upcoming travel point is SLAVE ANDY is coming into town next week ( wed ) and guess who’s going to be busting his balls live ?  Me Me Me !!!   I’m also bringing with Me @LuxxuryPrincess and @MsPerfectPeds — they will be having their own sessions with andy — foot worship ( I may do that) with PP and of course, LP is the QUEEN of MEAN, so she will be doing some toliet humiliation scenes with andy.   No, I’m not opening a c4sale.  I WILL probably sell the clips, but at a much higher rate than andy, so it’s probably best to buy it on his c4sale.   We will have all of our NF lines on during the session so feel free to call in and wank your stupid jerk stick.  HAHHAHA.   I’m pretty excited.  I haven’t ball busted in a few YEARS at least — so I’m really excited to be a part of it, while getting My girls more exposure, which is really My main concern with it all.  

AAA ( pasty slave) came crawling back on his knees for My Attention last week — #fricam is always a hit ! – and paid $500 via Greendot.  he still owes ME some benji’s though for our PAST Anniversary !!  OH and I guess if he wants RELEASE.  how long has it been now ? HAHHAHAHHA a long ass time !!!  Also, while #fricam was on — I took agpayvictim for $360 and sissybitch for $100.  little blackmailaddict also crawled to Me to ask to buy another pair of heels, so I gifted him with a $225 pair he could buy, and he did — I WAS going to give him 5-6 photos of ME in said shoes, but he flaked out on Me last week – so fuck him.  😀  HAHAHA.  $100 from brian because he can’t resist 😀  and another $300 from jerkjack !  I also shopped with aussie oinkers !!! he’s so much fun to shop with !!! he LOVES putting Me in sexy panties, bras and bikinis.  but really… who doesn’t ?

I  know I’ve missed a ton .. but that should hold you over for now.  here is a SHIT TON of photos !!!


LOL I didn’t realize how MUCH stuff I recently got 😀  it’s a good thing I did a massive purge of MY shoes, clothes and makeup in the last few weeks.  now the space I did clear out is already FULL. Ooo also TwitterAdmirer got Me this great body pillow and case.  its amazing !!!!  and that’s the way I like it drones !  Get ME MORE and MORE and MORE !!!!   Bills are up for grabs !  cable and cell need PAYMENT in FULL bitches.  By the way, My Amazon wishlist is the TOP purchased list at the moment !!! Congrats to ME bitch !  3276 items purchased !