I got this email the other day — it doesn’t happen often, but once in a while some of you have impressed Me, and this is another example :


Dear AG

We have not spoken before and I can’t believe that I’m sitting down writing this email. I first saw your site a number of months ago and was taken aback I guess by concept of a woman taking this position with men. I guess it went against my previous understanding of how the male female dynamic works. However  your words and beliefs initially sat in my head for hours and then days. You made me look at myself and what life I was living. My rather uneventful adolescence void of any real female contact, my turn to learning  in lieu of  a real social life. After college I worked hard and long hours, and yes I did marry and now with my two children I save for their education, investing for the future and I guess perhaps an early retirement. My six day a week working life was in my own mind the way I thought all people lived, that was until I saw how the type of woman that I had always dreamed of  took her stance in life. Being incredibly aware of you beauty and the effects it has on men has, together with your intelligence and drive made you a phenomenal force of female superiority. To take a man and make him bow to you is something that I though only existed in the land of fantasy, but every time I visit your site I fell myself yielding ever further to your philosophies. I was proud of my position in life for most of my adulthood but seeing your perception of men like me and how you behave towards us has made me more aware of who and what I really am. I’m ashamed I’m writing this letter but I felt that I needed to do it. I’m ashamed as a Husband and as a Father but I feel that I need to put into words the ever growing ache I have when looking at your words, pictures and clips. I want to offer myself and what resources I have to improve the quality of your life at the expense of my current lifestyle. Do you allow married men to sacrifice for you, even with families or is this not acceptable. If you allow me to follow you and your extravagant ways I promise to give what I can afford and more besides, regardless of the consequences for my future. I’ve said a lot here that I never knew I could say,

:: Thats the power of AG !!! :: of course in the next email he sent, he followed My directions and sent over $400 in pressies from My wishlist – now I’ve got to get him to start giving up CASH :D:D:D which of course should be EASY – he’s already trapped in MY web and doesn’t even know it yet. bahahhahahhahahah.

I leave for Mexico EARLY Monday morning — to the airport around 4am – and I’ve been really sick the last few days. My fever just broke a little while ago, but I’m not tempting the fates by moving around and doing stuff, I’ve got to stay down and rest – you know how tricky fevers can be !