It’s been a while …

I’m ashamed to say it’s been TOO long — even for Me.  Wow.  I don’t even know where to begin !!!!  I’ve had a very busy summer this far, which is odd, because usually I do not care for so much excitement and busy days and I’ve spending a lot of time at the pool which I loveee to do a few times a week and since the WeCar rentals are being taken care of until the end of the year — it just gives Me more incentive to go.  spending your money even when I pool it.  Love that.  

First of all – let’s just talk about how amazing My hair is =)  it’s already paid for itself 10x.  I love it, although it takes a lot more time than My natural long hair – its got a natural wave when it goes wet, and obviously since I’m Asian My hair is naturally stick straight, so usually I just run a straight iron through it and it’s done, but now I’ve REALLY gotta iron this hair or curl it up – sexy though. 

dress from aussie oinkers
you're a $ucker
flexing the ARCH

Everyone knows I love My blackberry, but I think it’s time to upgrade to the DroidX – the 8mp camera is screaming My name, and if verizon EVER finally gets the iphone then I’ll take it from there – so I’ve appointed hollywood to get Me the new phone in the next few weeks HAHAHA.  he paid My cell bill this month – I love making him go INTO the store to pay it instead of doing it online – much more humilating for him. hahhaha.    aussie admirer sent $300 and dropped a few things from My wishlist but then bolted.  ” some changes in my life ” type of thing … yes I noticed you moved … bahahhaha.    All bills were paid by the billdrone who now has the prestigious status of paying ALL My monthly bills which is about $1800 a month give or take.  I’m having My slave attorney agvictim is currently whipping up a little something to keep it all in check.   hahahha.  This is actually the first contract I’ve attempted in any form.  I find them to be completely retarded usually, but what the heck, something new right ?!   Also, $700 was paid for MY new extensions by the drone bc the first set I got SUCKED ass, and agpayvictim is taking care of that, along with another $600 to be deposited this week. yeppp, I got it like that – I’ve taken agpayvictim DEEP – his wallet is hurting – but he knows — PAIN for ME is so satisfying !  HAHAHA.  I’m Amazing.  I got a new bikini from sissyslut and $$ into My account – I LOVE the bikini, even though I haven’t repeated a bikini yet =) and I have two or three more on the way for My trip to Belize in October.  woot woot !   I’ve also enraptured barkpet he’s forked over nearly $400 to gaze upon THIS Beauty !  little stephen couldn’t resist MY arches and heels and dropped $500 over a few weeks – he’s always so damn busy working for ME.  aussie oinkers dropped $300 last week and $200 today plus $600 worth of shopping for ME on My wishlist :):):):) because he’s addicted to MY Perfect ASS – like he says – one lick of My dirty panties and he’s on his knees READY to PAY – that’s a good worker bee !!!!   

I also took down a new boy avi- and pretty sure he’s about to bolt but he spent $800 in a quick and furious wallet fuk – I had him cum on a plate and put it in the freezer overnight ….. lol cum-sicle on cam.  I about threw up My expensive lunch.  he was gagging and dry heaving.  hilarious STUFF.   so many of you freaks are closet fags.  hahahha.   jerkoff has been busy depositing $1200 in amazon gift certificates – his tool must be red and raw from all the jerking … but probably not. HAHHAHA so easy to snap My pretty fingers and get him to FOLD — I ALWAYS WIN !!!  I will entrap you with swirling images and reward clips – ask the boys who get them – they become zombie drones for ME, willing and begging to do anything it takes for one more moment of MY time……and then I pounce and get what I want like $5k from with a press of My pinky on the ” enter” button of My desktop !  HAHAHA another thing off the list =)  HAHAHHA

My closet is over flowing — from My jean rack constantly falling down, to the a shoe rack that has a capacity of 50 pairs of shoes and I have it stacked to 100 that keeps falling down ( I have over 200 pairs of gorgeous shoes for MY Perfect Yellow Peds ) so – I have to PURGE things that I haven’t worn or don’t plan on wearing or want to rid Myself of some gc’s …… and this is what I do with them ….. EBAY !!!!!

all $$ in MY pocket.

I opened an IGNORE line on TalkSugar — I got tipped about $1800. HAHA not bad for IGNORE.  that’s right – even IGNORING you costs BIG !!!  you’d think that would make ME arrogant …. and you’d be right … and agpayvictim said tonight ” its the attitude, so unattainable, arrogance, you know you can addict and manipulate weak guys like me ”  YES – SO fucking true !  brian came back for a video that cost him $300 – then bolted – for 5 mins of My time ? totally worth it.  nah nah nah nah I got your moneyyyyy.

I know I’ve missed a few fetish losers — but you’ll just have to forgive My short term memory for now, I’ll get back on track blogging on a more regular basis.  I did reopen the Gallery with a few select images.  MAYBE I’ll add more to it as fantastic pictures become avaliable. 

Let’s love on My 32g Ipad shall we ?   This is My 2nd Ipad of course, after having the 16G for a week I decided it just wasn’t BIG enough – so I tossed that one to MY bf and I took this one.  I LOVE it.  raz has since gone MIA – he’s a super slut anyways from what I understand : shrugs :  he also before he went MIA got all the dogs thundershirts =) and sent in $100 if I remember right.   what he really needs to do is get to MY wishlist and start clearing items again ! HAHHAHAHAHAH

32G from raz

Also, YAY for new furniture.  I had agpayvictim buy My last sectional back in Nov, and it totally sucked.  I should’ve done some better research then just going into the store and getting microfiber when I have a ZOO !!!!   My next project is painting that GOD awful green wall.  what was the Landlord thinking with that pukey color ?  Remember when I had My last loft painted and then I moved like 2 months later ???  That is why I have held off this long getting it painted, but I figure I’ll be here another year before another project takes off … so time to paint !!!

leather for the cat to scratch on.

My new pretty red washer and dryer from MND is working amazingly.  I love them.  energy star rated of course =)  it makes laundry much easier, but now I have a molly maid who comes twice a month – again MND is picking up the cost – and does all the ” deep ” cleaning that I love and hate to do.   I haven’t snapped a pic of the w&d yet, so I guess you will just have to imagine.

I think that’s about it — if you’re not mentioned here – you are pretty much dead to Me, so in order to keep you in the living status – I assure you you had better come HARD and FAST with the dollars for My Attention. 

victimization comes with a PRICE !!!! hahhaha.

*** Special thank you to gentlegiant on Twitter for picking up the bed for My dog Scout with super fast shipping – he loves it ! ***