I’ve been sick !

I do not often get sick – because I don’t associate with a lot of ” vanilla ” people — I usually send superdave out to pick up My packages, get My food etc, so I don’t have to associate with many …. however, there was a flaw in My plan because I was very sick ! I’m feeling tons better today – after nursing Nyquil, drinking a lot of juice and resting.  whewww. 

In the mean time – look who paid $1000 to get out of his ” contract ”  and when I say ” contract ” there was really NO contract, just the same verbal dribble you hear from most losers who “want ” this lifestyle but in the end can’t deal and run.  Go ahead and run you dumb freak, I could care less, and do you know why ?  BECAUSE I GOT YOUR MONEY and you got nothing … as usual.  nothing GETS nothing.   Anyways, he still owes Me a big pressie from My wishlist before the BLOG comes down, and I may just ” extend ” the ” contract ” for shits and giggles.  I know his employment contract is ending soon, so that means new employers will be googling his name…..dont want a HILARIOUS page of your antics coming up do you ?  No of course you dont.  since you easily found that 1k, I’m sure there is MORE for Me to pilage.  expect it bitch.

brian paid his $250 that he owed like a good boy who is easily seduced by ME – he’s just been laid off, but I’m sure I can squeeze some more $$$ out of that severence package. bahahhahhaha.  

MY bills are calling YOUR wallets !  Nov bills are still up for grabs and I’m getting pretty cranky that they haven’t been paid yet by you drones, because the QUEEN can’t be bothered by things that are NATURALLY in your daily duties to ME.  Electric is $350 – Cable/Internet – $250  get on it — My lil hollywood is taking care of My cell and dave’s cell – so that’s what I’m talking about — get in the position you were BORN to be in .  at My feet.

My perfect soles will be on GLAMWORSHIP this evening.  I have no set times, so you’d better be refreshing your twitter page like crazy.  bahahhaha.  If you haven’t signed up because you’ve been living in a hole someplace – use My code ” AG0012″  use it and don’t lose it .

suck it bitch !

Guess who paid up again ?? that’s right — little whiney picked up another Vitamin A bikini for ME from My wishlist ! bahahhahah.  I win, you lose …and look he had this little sheet that worked up everything he has spent on ME since August 15th ! bahahhahaah

5-Nov 187.92 Bikini
3-Nov 500 GC
30-Oct 500 GC
18-Oct 400 GC
12-Oct 400 GC
5-Oct 400 GC
1-Oct 200 GC
28-Sep 300 GC
25-Sep 300 GC
17-Sep 80.87 Tunic
15-Sep 300 GC
8-Sep 300 GC
2-Sep 300 GC
26-Aug 162.17 Bikini
24-Aug 500 GC
15-Aug 200 GC

bahhahah over 5k :D:D:D  I fucking LOVE IT.  FETCH MORE !!!!