Just another boring entry …

Just writing these blog entries are becoming the bane of My existence.  BORINGGGGGG. 

I’m SO excited for My cruise next month !!!! I’m looking forward to swimming with dolphins and checking out some Mayan ruins.  I think I’ll probably do some parasailing in the Grand Caymon, and hit a secluded beach another day.  I’m looking forward to some peace and serenity – I just hope I don’t get sea sick !!!!!  I’ve spent most of My life on boats, but mostly on the Great Lakes – My sister has a sport yacht, but I’m sure a cruise boat is much different, so here’s crossing My fingers 😛  – I’m stocking up on bikini’s and dresses !!!

Rumor Spoil Alert –  some have asked if I am ” retiring ” after next month, and the answer is No, although I will be cutting back My online presence, ( starting 2011)  those who PAY always will get My Attention, I just won’t be taking on new boys etc.   Is this because I’m getting married ?  Nope.  The bf and I have started a little something on the side that is about to blow up into something REALLY amazing, and starting in 2011 – most of My ” free” time will be going into that project … so stop assuming you know My business – you do not, you only know what I LET you know bitches !

whiney has had a WAKE UP call – he’s been BEGGING Me for years to blackmail him, but usually he becomes so annoying that I block him.  So, I’m sure as you read in My previous entry – I’m done with that BS.  I’ve opened up a blackmail journal just for the purposes of fucking you blackmail fucks out of lots of CASH !!!!  So every Tuesday – if loser doesn’t pay – he gets exposed !  so far I think he’s up to $1k and a new green bikini that I got a few days ago.

aussie admirer made an appearance and picked up some HOT Frye boots and ALL the cleaning supplies off of My wishlist – that’s what I LOVEEEEEE !   Speaking of the wishlist – I’m up to 2778 items Purchased !!!!  So close to 2800 I can TASTE IT !!!!!  Sacrifice – and get those credit cards out to BURNNNNNNN !!!!!  fucktoy stopped by with a few hundred, aussie oinkers also sent some $$ in while I was away, agpayvictim is sending in gc’s even as I write this … hollywood is dead to Me – and I totally know I’m missing others, but in no mood to look thru “the book”  lol.

So – let Me tell you a little story about a drone who THOUGHT he could play a game of chance and win ….  you lost.  and its HILARIOUS.  not only did you PAY over $65k in ONE MONTH – you THOUGHT you were slick …. so far from the truth it’s not even funny, and there you are – back into the depths of HELL and loving it.   #yougotplayed – We finally got you BACK and it felt MORE than good.  it’s delicious 😛

Counting MY $$$$


 I’ve gotten a ton of things from My wishlist, some things I took pics of, some things I didnt.  I used to LOVEEEEE to report on every single thing Ive gotten from the minions and drones, but UGH it’s just become so boring … but anyways … here’s some stuff.

 So welcome to Sept – that means BILLS ARE DUEEEEE !!!!!   My electric is astoundingly HIGH.  nearly $300 this month – this needs to be reimbursed ASAP to ME !!!!  Cell and Cable are DUE – get those CC’s out and PAYYYY, I DO NOT PAY MY BILLS.  I’ll repeat this again for those who can’t figure out the concept — I’m the Queen – you’re the drones, minions and worker bees — YOU WORK FOR ME !!!!  😛

I also will be doing a photo set for you minions to purchase of the new BIKINI and these images are HUGEEEE !!!  I think I’ll be releasing them on NITEFLIRT, Images4sale and maybe kinkbomb, but I’m not sure if they even do image sets … anyways – I’ve taken lots of little video clips too that those who impress get as rewards ( as usual )