Let BIRTHMAS 2014 begin !!!

So much to catch up but let’s focus on Me and My infamous BIRTHMAS MONTH !   It’s that time of the year where you minions SPEND even MORE then usual –   you get those wallets out and get those credit raises and you sacrifice your not so hard earned money to ME.   you can’t resist bowing down at My perfect pets and giving in to My whims and wishes.


My time is precious this month and I don’t expect any basic chit chat unless you’re spending to celebrate My Birthmas.  you will not waste one moment of My time and will be cut off with a whip of My perfect natural hair.   This is the time of year that COUNTS and showing Me how much I mean to you every day is the ONLY way to impress Me.  and I know you want to impress ME badly, minions.


what would YOU do to kiss these amazingly petite adorable soles ?  so smooth – so perfect.   your foot fetish is MY Gain.   My Sole Glow owns you and keeps you addicted to being used and abused by ME.

The last few months have been fun while I drained wormyit out of 25k, including a release fee of $12,500 cash money, which I promptly spent on My next spring trip to Korea in April 😀  Business class of course, because traveling internationally I’m not fond of being with the commoners ( you ) First class was 17k, and even that is too rich for MY blood.  No way can I justify a 13 hour flight costing 17k !!!!  I LOVE direct wires into MY bank account – SO delicious.    IT was fun on twitter – but has lost My Attention for now.  I never understand how a loser can blow through thousands and then disappear in to the wind after all the time and money spent on Me.  OH WELLLLLL, I’m giggling while I spend your MONEY, IT !!!! 😀


I know I haven’t updated since I don’t really even know when – so I’ll just highlight the best of the losers 😀   nameless sent Me two cashier’s checks for a total of $3,000 plus Rebecca Minkoff mini mac, Coach umbrellas, several pairs of expensive wolfords, and various other wants from My Amazon wishlist 




your money looks SO GOOD on Me, if I do say so Myself 😀  An older slave came by alan the cocksucker.. back in the day I had him go to a glory hole and pay to have a guy suck on his stupid dumbstick and I believe he tribute $1500 or something for the pleasure.  he came crawling back and I’ve been enjoying destroying his mind with the poison that courses thru his stupid pathetic dick.  LOL I’m not sure how much I’ve drained from him — maybe $3,500 so far.  LOL I made him pay 1,000 to see Me on cam. that made Me giggle like this screen shot :

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.54.12 PM

of course – whiney came back to cause some trouble and it cost him $600.   community wanksalot really surprised Me with a $700 draining last weekend, and another few here and there – $1500 the last few weeks. HAHAHAH.  such an easy little loser bitch, a few photos and he can’t stop his CLICK PAY button until he spews his poison that makes ME richer every day.   My little sissybear is holding strong with taking care of My dinners with My girlfriends – beauty appointments and shopping like a good sissy SHE loves to pay for anything GIRLY for Me.  On Birthmas Day 1 – SHE bought Me a new HOT expensive romper in black ( I rarely wear black !!!! )  I can’t wait until it gets here – technically it’s for Korea, but I think it may make a lovely NYE outfit

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.20.00 PM

How are YOU sacrificing for ME this BIRTHMAS ??? aussie admirer has come by My wishlist twice since I’ve last updated – and bought Me BOTH of these jackets and $100 in starbucks gift cards and some ADORABLE Coach sandals for Korea trip – I’m positive he will come by one more time as we get closer to BIRTHMAS 😀  hehahhah.

aussie admirer bought Me BOTH colors :D
aussie admirer bought Me BOTH colors 😀

It looks like you have work to do boys 😀  and I KNOW you will NOT disappoint AG.  I know you ACHE to serve, sacrifice and spoil Me even MORE during Birthmas.   I’m ready to use you and take everything.   I’m ready to burn through those credit lines and get you to get MORE for Me.

My weakling has been consistently pleasing Me – and I know what I’m getting this year from him for Birthmas 😀  a new pair of amazing Loubies and new Ipad Air 😀  I deserve ONLY the best and YOU will deliver it to Me.   I hope I get to see weakling while I’m in Korea.  I would LOVE to stroll through the shopping districts with this bitch on a chain buying EVERYTHING I want – and MORE.  pushed to the financial limits.  who cares ? you’ll ONLY make more money won’t you ??? 😀  incredibly HOT.

flufferbunny is actually ahead of his contract of $500 – and it’s been upped to $800 monthly.  he got to talk to Me today on the phone.  he’s so lucky I’m so awesome $$$$  another old slave came around and spent a measly $300 … funny is that he didn’t mute his microphone on Skype so I got to hear all his frustrated moans.  hilarious.  seriously.

I’ve received various gifts and tributes obviously from other minions, but these are the ones that have impressed Me.  why haven’t you stepped forward to impress ???  Now is the time $$$$$

How can you resist that kitty ????
How can you resist that kitty ????

I will not be home this Birthmas – but visiting My family in Michigan.  a whirlwind tour so to speak.   I booked My airfare the other day and you can pay Me back $600 and that would please Me greatly.  I’m always around for your MONEY little bitches.  always !


These photos should be giving you MAJOR incentive to PAY PAY PAY.  you’re mesmerized – you’re putty in My tiny delicate hands.  you know you serve and worship My perfect rice cakes.  


More of these photos will be on Niteflirt, IWantClips and Clipvia this week — look on My Twitter for updates when you can get that wallet out and SPEND on MY iconic Korean beauty.


My hair is AMAZINGGGGGG.  you’ll be funding My next Korean perm in Korea.   I mean, can you blame Me for wanting another one ?  it never falls out – only grows out, so My hair has literally grown a foot in a year.   so thick, so sexy.  always looks like I just rolled out of bed sexed up and wanting MORE.   like My appetite for your wallets.

I am EVERYTHING.  you are NOTHING.   you are programmed to GIVE.  you are WEAK.   I control you.  I control your desires and fetishes.  I use them against you for MY own gain.  I take your perfectly damaged minds and bend them to MY WILL.

Being MY loser has it’s advantages though, because you get little reward treats that I take MY time out to give you.  wait, who are we kidding ? I’m just that vain and narcissistic hahaha and don’t forget what you are to Me — MY LOSER


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