loser tries to run, loser has to pay.

 L: i can do 250 right now
 L: i did the full amount
 L: Order Placed: August 24, 2010 
Amazon.com order number: 104-4835522-2053XXX 
Order Total: $500.00 

 L: please remove, i wont bother you again without paying first, i promise
 L: E-mail Gift Card to: mzasiangoddess@aol.com
– Status: Sent
– To: [empty] – From: loser

– Message: for removal

 L: sent
 L: thank you
 L: u broke me

**** I’ve said it before.  Be careful what you wish for.  you were only asked to send $250, but you decided you wanted to WASTE My time with little short lived games.  I demanded $500, and you PAID it SUCKER *** I just got an email from him – let Me just say … see you and your wallet next time !