Mixed Emotions

Today I become sad as I usually do during this day.  I think about things deeply and what’s important to Me and the people around Me, and not to take days for granted.  RIP #911 #WTC   along with current events in Syria and the world – we are very very blessed in most ways,  don’t you think ?   Take a break today and appreciate the love and the people around you.  Life is entirely too short. 

As I prepare to travel domestically and internationally, and also two of My very close friends travel to Thailand and My partner and very best friend travels to Russia, you can say that I’ve been VERY busy prepping for these events.   I’m extremely worried for My small dog Joey’s mental state as he’s almost died from separation anxiety before ( I’m sure you males can relate ) and with Mr D being in Russia ( a new development ) during this time,  I shall worry about the little guy.   

Next weekend I’m headed to the East Coast – DC –  for an event that I’m crazy excited about.    The only tourist things I will be doing is the WWII wall for My Father and Smithsonian.  I shall be having My fill of vegetarian Korean food though, and that is something I’m looking forward to !  I shall NOT be doing norebong !  

The weekend after that of course is My two week trip to Korea.  I’ll be ALL over that country top to bottom.   DMZ tour, Jeju island, Pusan, Gangnam, Seoul.   This trip is many MANY years in the making, and will be life changing.    I’m not sure how much I will be tweeting but I do have another twitter ID and blog for My travels that I made a few months ago and haven’t utilized yet.   I will have wifi and in country cell phone, but I plan to be on the move as much as possible.   I have a short amount of time to see this country, and plan on being fully immersed.    I’m going Business Class, but would prefer First Class upgrade.  you know what to do right ? $$$$ 😀   and Yes, I will spend a day or two in Gangnam, and yes I will take a pic of Myself there.  Just for giggles.   The shopping district in Seoul is open 24 hours, and I will be doing some night shopping,  so make sure I’m fully stocked in CASH.

Ladies :  if you want some Korean Beauty products while I’m there – don’t be shy — let Me know and I’ll happily bring them back.  the prices are amazing and much better than american products.   you want Hello Kitty stuff though,  don’t ask Me, bc I hate that shit. 

My two weeks holiday does not mean that you also get a holiday.  I know if some of you don’t have CONSTANT attention you become depressed and sad.  you’re going to have to power through those feelings while I’m away.  I will check in with you as My schedule permits.   YOU will continue to work hard while I’m away, and goes without saying ( but am doing so anyways ) YOU will also continue to Tribute, $erve, $hop and Wor$hip AG.  

Tribute Clipvia