New Years Resolution in Dec

So some of you know that My body/sleep schedule is all out of WACK, and it’s really getting to Me – obviously I get enough sleep at night since I don’t have to ” be ” anywhere like, ever – but it’s taking a toll on Me, and with it being winter and it’s totally shit outside it seems to be making it worse, and I’m really over it.  Time for change.

This is basically My new years resolution … early.  I’m not going to wait until 2011 to make the change, I’m doing it now.  I will be going to bed at a HUMAN time and waking up at a decent acceptable time, and NOT jumping onto My pc first thing and waste an hour drinking coffee when I should be getting in the shower and then getting sucked into the pc until 3pm — wasting valuable time, and we all know I hate time wasters !  Procrastination has always come easy to Me, and now it’s overly so and that has got to change – being an internet junkie is starting to eat away at ME and I can’t stand it !!!

I can’t promise My terrible eating habits won’t change ( if having a vegetarian in My house doesn’t make Me think twice about healthy choices then nothing will 😛 ) but I will be walking DAILY even in the winter time ( YIKES ! ) I won’t join a gym bc it’s ridiculous and I can’t stand all the dudes who STARE at Me anyways.  Last year I had a personal trainer for a hot minute, but he and I didn’t have the same goal for ME so I dumped him.  I am really enjoying My xbox kinetic and will have one of you drones buy Me the EASports and Your Shape Evoloved.   who am I trying to kid ?  you WILL buy them both for ME.

Basically this is about getting Me BACK to a normal daily routine — I’m still planning on Friday Night Cam Parties, but I won’t be staying online until 3am anymore and waking up at noon on a regular basis.  I’m not overweight as all of you people know – fans and losers a like, but I feel … whats the word … un toned is about the nicest way to put it.  and I know, I shouldn’t be bitching, bc I’ve been blessed with genetics that haven’t required Me to every work out or watch what I eat and I know MANY women struggle with that – so I’ll just say that I’m not 100% pleased.

So, how can you drones help ME achieve and maintain these new goals ?  I’ll be writing about it more I’m sure on this blog, bc it also needs to get back to blogging instead of listing all the fabulous spoils I get on the daily from you drones, so I expect more commenting and keeping ME motivated with My favorite thing …. CASH.

$$$$ = Attention

I am thinking about pushing back the Mexico trip to Feb to make sure that My Girls will have time to get their passports …. this makes Me sad, but whatev, I’m still going just a month later.  My life is pretty bad ass.