Nothing hotter than $$$


Two of My favorite bitches have been allowed to deposit cash directly into My bank account lately.  GOODY FOR ME.  hollywood ( $1150) and raz have Me smiling quite a bit lately like I should be 😀  Here’s an email from raz this morning :

Goddess, making that deposit was so intense. This morning i knew i’d be able to go so i spent a long time staring at Your pictures. Eventually i ended up doing that no-release-wanking for an hour cuz last time i did that it put me in the most unbelievable state of worshipful submission, even though it makes for major pain in the balls. But when i went to the bank i was in this ultra-worship space and thinking about Your happiness and how important You are. And it was zen-like to hand the money directly into Your account. But OHH it made my balls hurt like insane on the ride back. i kept thinking, ‘oh man i need release!’, then i would see Your words to not let my poison out. Do you think a man can literally go insane from denial. Making the deposit directly into Your account was very real. The pxxxxx and stuff is convenient, but those are almost like a transaction compared to this. i could feel that i am handing the money directly into Your beautiful hands. In honesty, it made me wish i could give to You in person, to kneel before the Goddess.

HAHHAHAHAA and then of course went and also spent on My Amazon wishlist like the obsessed bitch that he is.  HAHHAH more more more more more more !!!! :D:D:D and, NO RELEASE for you bitch !!!!!!   whiney came out and bought another $200 bikini,  a fan turned addict spent $650,  mark was close to coming back but once again disappointed, but got a dress and a sweater from My wishlist, tfl also came to pay his debt and was given the chance again to pay My cable bill of $220.  blah blah blah.