NOW is the time …

Yes, its now or never. get that WEDDING CASH to ME – this is truly a CUCKOLDS delight … this once again reinforces how NONE of you losers will NEVER have ME.  Only  1 man has proven himself over and over to be worthy of MY admiration and LOVE.  YES, LOVE !!!

Last night we were snuggling and talking about our seven years together and when we weren’t together for 16 months – and all of our crazy adventures and all we could do is laugh … it takes a SPECIAL kind of MAN — not loser — to catch a GODDESS ! heheheh, and No, you’re not it 😀  but you can come in 2nd place with your not so hard earned CASH and put it in MY hands so that the Biggest Day of My Life so far is amazing and special — just like I know MY drones want that for ME, I know MY drones will be depositing even MORE FUNDS !!!  I’m getting MARRIED the DAY after tomo !!! hahahha and this is probably MY last blog entry as a single woman !!! bahahhaha ! crazzzzzzy.  My superdave is a fetishist – and I don’t consider him a submissive – but he is into a tonnnn of fetishes, which makes life extremely interesting and FUN !  He has to be MY #1 fan of MY perfect yellow peds — and that is saying a lot since I know MY drones and admirers can’t even imagine someone else being as obsessed with My feet as you. hahah but believe it.  he’s always been a cuckold which is soooo hot, but I don’t often dabble in that fetish, but once in awhile :D:D:D

So, if you are a drone of MINE and you haven’t tributed for the biggest day of My life, then you have NO reason to be IN My life at all.  that’s right you read that correctly… those of you who have been released and are aching to come back … THIS IS YOUR TIME !!!!  A wedding, celebration and My honeymoon ( cruise ) shouldn’t be paid by MY family OR Myself – but by MY drones of worker bees —- most of you have done extremely well, but those who are ” waiting ” for ME to be online to pay what you owe ME ( in promises ) or just to have that personal interaction — well, so sorry drones, but I’m BUSY — so if I’m not around, you’d please ME more by just going and depositing MY FUNDS.  I’ve always been very generous ( compared to some Dommes ) and if you are taking advantage of that – its coming out NOW.

Next week clearly won’t be AS busy – but I leave a mere six days after the wedding for MY cruise !  I’ll be gone a glorious 8 days.  the cruise boat does have wifi, but I won’t be connected as much as usual obviously.  I will have My trusty blackberry with ME to tweet, emails and mobile YIM – DO NOT – and I repeat – DO NOT msg ME while I’m mobile to shoot the shit, or to say ” hi ”  fucking LAME.   you will be ignored.

In between the wedding and the honeymoon – we are taking Scout to the vet to say goodbye …

I’m SO sick of you dumb asses who can’t read.  if MY yahoo status says “$$ ONLY” then that’s what it fucking MEANS.  do NOT message Me with ” have a nice day GODDESS”  – that’s going to get you fucking ignored.  especially when your tributes are sooo fucking pathetic, that you’d think I’d WANT to talk to you — come the fuck on.   PAY attention to the status, bc if you don’t — I’ll now start charging you per fucking minute to even be in MY YAHOO.  do not ask to add ME to your yahoo friends – and then when I decline say in all caps ” IS THERE A PROBLEM ?” ? yes dumb ass YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  that will NEVER get you noticed.  EVER.

Today/Tonight will probably be the last time I’ll be online for any extended amount of time before the wedding.  I’ve got family and friends driving in and flying in tomorrow, and also I have to head to the farmers market to pick up some flowers for the ” moms ” of our group.   I may get online tomorrow evening to take the remaining dollars in your account, but its unlikely.

so let’s recap —- TRIBUTE.

EDIT – since I posted this journal entry ( like an hour ago)—- aussie oinkers came and deposited $300, peanut sent $100 and agvictim has sent $50.    MORE MORE MORE !!! keep it COMINGGG for Goddess – and also bingie came out and picked up some $250 diamond hoop earrings. CASH is QUEEN bitches – MORE of it !!!