Officially Day 1

Well – it’s not going as planned that’s for sure !!!  After a fun night of web work with LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds with sheer laughter at you losers, as planned, I forced Myself to sleep at 11.20pm and slept …….

I woke up at 1.45am WIDE awake.  I tossed and turned a bit, got up and now have stayed up.  I took a shower and now am watching a dvr’d episode of Kitchen Nightmares on the BBC and it’s 5.44am.  It’s going to be a LONG day 😛

In the meantime to keep Me motivated pastyslave ( formally AAA ) was sent to get ME a $500 XX  and aussie oinkers couldn’t resist sending $350 and bikiniboy ( aka fetchboy ) has fetched four MORE bikini’s and a pair of D&G aviators.  HOT.   $160 per bikini ?  that’s HAWT.    I’ll be working on My bikini series images in short order ! =) peter and boobiezombie sent $100 total.  ALL raped and victimized ! HAHHAHA.

It’s My Birthmas Month — what have YOU done for ME lately ?  Nothing ? then expect NOTHING …. ever.   HOLIDAY and END of YEAR bonus’ should be ROLLING into My accounts.  This is your time of year to SPEND and SACRIFICE.  credit card limits should be raised, spending goes into overdrive because your ugly wife isn’t keeping track of purchases bc of the holidays.  USE THIS TIME wisely and spend on TheAG.    I’ll make ya famous.  😛

PS I’ve been turning on MY Niteflirt lines more than usual.  I like turning them on when My Friends visit so it’s a great chance to hear what we are doing, or confessing your perverted thoughts while we LAUGH at you.  Anyways, it’s usually short notice when I turn them on – and announce it on Twitter, and it’s never for very long – a few hours at most.  Take advantage of this special opportunity, CALL and SPEND.  I’ve also set up My Images4Sale Account and am in the midst of setting up photo zip sets for that account.    I’ve got a billion images from over the years, so might as well use them 😛 right ?!