Oh and I’m also now mostly vegan

I never thought I would see the day that I would stop eating animals – but I have.  I’m on day 10 of being a lacto vegetarian, which essentially means — No meat, no eggs and I’m trying NOT to drink cows milk and replace with soy or almost milk to cook and drink with.   the one thing I AM having a difficult time with is cheese and things like that, so for now, I’m still eating cheese, but cutting down on sour cream and yogurt.

My davey has been this way for three years in June, and I’ve had to watch countless documentaries and movies on the subject of a veg or vegan diet.  I’ve stood My ground for a long time, and really enjoyed My meat and fast food diet.  he changed his diet for an entirely different reason for pain management and cutting out the red meat stuffed with hormones has helped him A LOT.  MY reason was because this documentary I watched called VEGUCATED was just that, an education.  I’ve seen Food Inc,  and Earthlings and obviously I wasn’t as affected as this doc affected Me.  it’s a wonderfully broad scope on the veggie lifestyle – not just about the slaughterhouses ( which is horrible btw ) but the health and the condition of our planet if we continue to consume animals.   The author of the documentary also was just a cute every day girl, not a hippie type or a overzealous peta person, she was a girl who changed her diet and now is trying to educate others on the diet.  she used three real life meat eaters from different backgrounds and challenged them to a six week vegan diet – it was intense, thought provoking and seriously GOOD.   Now, you can eat meat ALL you want, Im not judging you — just 10 short days ago I was eating ham and cheese sammy 2 minutes before I sat down to watch it – but now that I KNOW the information – Im making a CHOICE and a decision that I can’t NOT ever eat meat again – animal cruelty – in whatever form is horrifying, not to mention that if EVERYONE in the world ate like Americans we would need 3-5 more EARTHS.  at the beginning and the end of the doc – she had them go to the doc and at the end — every single person had lowered their bad cholestrol 20 points, and blood pressure went down and weight went down – so – I’m on board and so far NOT loving it because I seem to be HUNGRY all the time and kind of feeling crabby about it.  I”m assuming its My body going thru withdrawl, but thats the GREAT thing about our bodies  they adapt, and so will I.

If you are an animal lover — you must see this.  everyone knows PIGS are smarter and just as emotional complex like a dog ( I’ve heard they are as smart as a 3rd grader )  so how you can you still be eating PIGS ?  you might as well KILL YOUR PET and eat it, but I bet even if you had to do it, you’d do it humanely wouldn’t you ?  I would hope so.  KILLING ANY ANIMAL IS NOT THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – it’s just CRUEL

Get Vegucated is on amazon ondemand and also on Itunes  or you can buy it directly on amazon