Oh. Hello.

So let’s get down to it.  I’ve been bad.  very bad.   I haven’t updated this blog in over a year.  BUT … dear readers, Ladies and bitches, the time has come … an UPGRADE.   I’ve contracted with @AmericanIdoll_ design to give this blog and My Niteflirt pages a much needed UPGRADE !!!    Make sure to visit her WEBSITE.

Last month,  I lost My 10 year old Twitter account because I did a little celebrity trolling and My page got hit with several reports.   so goodbye 57,000 tweets.   I thought this would be a PERFECT time to rebrand and get back to the basics of blogging.    I’ll be organizing all of My many domains to redirect to different pages, so pay attention when the roll out starts.

My new Twitter is @theasiangoddessx

so what has happened in the last year to Goddess ?  Well if you did follow Me on Twitter, you know I’ve been in the process of going back and forth to Korea and going through the process of dual citizenship.   It’s not a very complicated process, but it has taken a lot of time and YOUR cash.   I spent about a total of six months living in the 6th most expensive city in the world — spending your money.   I return back to Seoul for the last quarter of the year and if things go as planned — I will return with a second passport.   Yes, as a reminder, My life is quite charmed, and YOU boys keep Me happy and kept, because THAT is your job.   all day, every day.

@AG_owned took care of MOST of My expenses and including F*CK fees like a good male slave.   direct depositing a total of $25,000.00  ( this is an estimate, Ive emailed him to tally up the total amount ) –  My other stand out boy of course is My weakling who not only took care of ANY and all shopping – he also took care of most of My beauty treats, including, hair, lashes, mani/pedi’s and dinners with girlfriends.

Also, My weakling has taken good care of ME since I’ve been back at home here in the USA too.    W/we have decided on a Louis Vuitton backpack for O/our Anniversary – so I need to pull the trigger on that ( $1900 ? )  I’ve been carrying mid grade bags to Korea just because it’s quite dirty there ( they don’t have street cleaning and things like that there ) and there are SO many really awful knock off’s that I felt like it cheapened My bag collection.   having said that, after living there, I’ve MISSED My really LV, but it’s not the best to be carrying all over the city .. so backpack it is.   of course, I deserve this Anniversary gift and weakling always knows that and he goes over and beyond trying to please Me, and he should.   These two males KNOW how to serve a FINDOM OG Goddess well, and MOST of you should be taking serious notes on how to serve a GODDESS.    of course there are honorable mentions, but I can’t possibly be bothered with remembering and logging all the tributes and slaves over the past year and half.

I’m still on OnlyFans and recently started My IWFC page as well, but want to bulk that up with some more content before I start spamming it hardcore.

I’ve also started bulking up My Amazon wishlists, however, I’m leaving again in 8 weeks so you only have a small window of time to SHOP for Me.   male admirers can ALWAYS send Amazon Ecards to My email :  theasiangoddessx@gmail.com

I WILL be blogging on the regular because like I mentioned before, it’s time to go back to basics and get back on track.  it’s SO hard not to be soooo self absorbed.   oh, you wouldn’t know about ANY of that, would you loser ?