Oh, you’re still here ….

I’m finally moved in, unpacked and pretty much done with My new space.  I went to Michigan for a wedding and came back and started packing right into the move !  The moving company wrongly estimated the cost of My move ( I don’t move My own stuff ! ) and it ended up costing YOU losers double what was estimated.  My boys #1 and bingie came through and made it much easier by picking up the nearly $1,000 moving tab !  HAHAH that’s ridiculously hot.

Yes, you heard Me right — bingie WAS back, but has already disappeared into the wind again.  I’m SURE I’ll see him again near My BIRTHMAS !!!  As usual he stepped up to the plate and spoiled his GODDESS a lot.   he bought SOOOO many things for My new place.  HAHAHAHA I demand, and I get, that’s how it goes.  I haven’t taken many photos of the pressies that have arrived but I’m back on the ball, so no more slacking for ME ( or YOU )  let’s see — this binge was about $8,000 with gifts and GreedDots.  HAHAHAHA.  I love LOVE taking advantage of him to the fullest extent.

table and chairs from whiney

I wish I had taken screen shots of the GreedDots from bingie !!! I loveee these black label Ralph Lauren’s he got Me, and he also got Me this really fabulous cross body bag that I’ve been rocking every day.  I LOVEEEE it.  OH and by the way, did you know that Tiffany&Co makes handbags and small leather goods now ?  well now you do, and I WANT !

from bingie
from My sissybear. don’t you just LOVE these ?

Of course My NUMBER 1 has been faithfully depositing $1000 every week into MY bank account.  that’s only the CASH — he also shops for Me nearly every week and pays MOST of My bills.  Do you know how much I detest bills ?  I switched to Uverse this week so that will save you minions about $100 a month for the next six months.  Aren’t I sweet to think about your budgets ? HAHAHHAHAAHHA.

#1 is always pleasing ME !!!
#1 loves to see Me stocked in VS !
#1 loves to buy ME apple products <3

Ooo My fucktoy went on OVERLOAD last month and it was INSANELYYYYYYYYYYY hot.  he overdosed on MY Perfect images and My taunting words — manipulation at its best … and THIS was My cut. HAHAHHAHAHAH I LOVE CLIPVIA.

fucktoy overdoses on AG !!!!

AAA came back 😀  I loveee talking to this boytoy.  he’s so much fun.  he’s about the only one I let ” poke fun ” at Me. lol.  thats what happens when you are loyal, you get to speak to ME like a person not just your Owner, and of course it yielded Me $900 in GD’s.  HAHAHAH LOVE it.  he stays off YIM now bc he’s so scared he will get sucked into MY BOOBIES bc he lovessss them ! HAHAHHAHA.  My sissybear shopped his little panties off this summer buying several dresses and tops and the above sparkly shoes along with many Amazon GC’s.  that’s how I love it.

dress by MY sissybear !
Don’t you love seeing these boxes arrive ??? from bingie
from bingie. every day wear 😛
handbag organizer from bingie. and this was AFTER the purge

My favorite gift is from agpayvictim 😀  remember how I blogged that since I wasn’t going on a trip in October that I was going to assign him a big pressie ?  I love to give him GOALS to work towards instead of taking $50 or $100 here and there.  I then give him time to catch back up on his CC bill and then of course spend it all over again 😛 HAHAHHAHAHA

agpayvictim gets VICTIMIZED

and what did I BUY with that 1k amazon gc ????  HAHAHAHA arent you DYING to know ?  well My 3rd TV of course !!!!!  This one is 3D LED Samsung flatscreen.  it’s a.m.a.z.i.n.g !!!!!!! I also picked up some 3D glasses !  I loveeee this tv.  I though I didn’t want a TV up in My Mistress Suite ( the entire second floor ! ) but at My old loft, I had My desktop in the dining room essentially, but now I put it up there and when I sit up there I feel REALLY cut off and music wasn’t cutting it, so I decided I wanted a new TV and a new TV I got !!! HAHAHHAHAHA just another AG victim 😛

who’s a victim ? agpayvictim is !
all set up !!!! HAHAHAH LOVE IT

I’m punishing JJ for his slutty behavior again.  so far it’s cost him $600 in Amazon GCs.  going to POOR imitations of ME because I’m too busy ignoring you isn’t how to get on My good side, and you will be punished 😀  HAHAHHA I promised him a clippie weeks ago then I found out he was giving away MY money to princess pikachu, not a lot like $150. ( HAHAH I wipe My ass with that kind of chump change. ) so on punishment he goes.  he told Me tonight how very scary he thinks I am.  LOLOL.  Don’t mess with the victim maker bitch 😀

luli bikini from bingie. My favorite of the YEAR for sure.  adorable
you will never have Me, you can ONLY pay Me
BEACH TOES. wanna lick ?
I am better than you.

A few weeks ago I got what I thought was a pretty generic copy and paste email asking to serve and for more information.  #1 I thought that it was just that a spam copy and paste and #2 – I was moving so I didn’t have time for dribble ( when do I ever have time for dribble ? LOL ) so I didn’t respond and ignored.  generally if I ignore an email its because I don’t think you are REALLY trying to get My attention.  I’ve actually made this mistake before with agpayvictim.  he used to IM Me often with a moneyslave id, which is always a red flag for Me — and I would call him fake and a time waster.  lol and I was obviously wrong, but he kept trying to convince Me, and convince Me he did ( we are going on two years now ) SO, anyways, this boy sent Me the email again a few days ago and I answered, and found out it wasn’t a copy and paste but a genuine interest in serving Me.  its good to be humbled once in a while 😛  So we spent most of the day emailing back and forth and I’m confident in saying I’m going to dip My fingers into his 401k SOON , BUT I dont want to ruin him, so I’m just going to be NICE and take a pretty chunk of it.  I’m thinking 10k, or 15k.  YEP.  this is HAPPENING minions.  I am afterall, the victim maker !!!!!!  I’ve enjoyed emailing and talking to him today, and he of course sent an initial tribute and given Me a budget in spreadsheet form, which I loveeeeee, and bank and 401k balances.  its ON bitches 😀 I haven’t named him yet …. he’s so polite, so something along those lines.  I could’ve easily demanded $1k off the bat, but that’s not needed at the moment … slow and steady wins the race.

My infamous wishlist is up to 3540 items Purchasedand only growing.  I’m back to almost 100 items unpurchased.  lol I had it down to 80, but it zoomed back up now that I’m settled in to the new place, which by the way I fucking LOVEEEEE and of course My #1 takes care of the payments 😀 I reallllllly want those adarondiack chairs and little table for MY balcony, so SOMEONE needs to get those for ME asap !!!!  

little marky came out for a few moments and bought Me some things and sent some tributes …. but he’s in the hurricane and has no power, so Im worried about him and hope everything goes OK.

so thats MY last month in a nutshell.  I have a pretty GRAND life yes ? YES.