One week from today …

I will be lounging on a beach and I’m really too excited about it to be truthful.  I’d rather be someplace exotic and tropical, but since the bestie doesn’t have a passport this has to do, and 75 degree weather is so much more enjoyable than 20.  I’d would’ve also liked to invite KatieSavage but she JUST got back from a 10 day vacation, so next girls trip you should already start saving for because it’s going to be pricey as things should always be for Me.

I WILL have My NITEFLIRT LINES ON during My trip  and special rewards ALWAYS go to good drones who are SACRIFICING for ME.  If you haven’t signed up for VENMO ( you must use MY LINK to sign up ) you should because it’s an amazinggggggg service.  NO FEES and the Tributes are deposited within a few business days.

Oh did you know that I hit 4,000 Purchased items on My wishlist ?  Now you know 😀  currently its up to 4008 actually 😀  keep it going minions, you spending on ME always makes ME smile with happiness !

This isn’t really a brag blog as usual believe it or not, but just an update about how very unhappy and disappointed I would be if MY BOYS didn’t STEP UP and Tribute MORE for MY trip on Sunday.  There are meals to cover ( for Me and bestie ) shopping of course, upgrades to Business class, rental car and DRINKS a very rare chance to call My NF lines while I’m tipsy at the pool or on the beach will be priceless I assure you. lol.

Also if you have been following My fitness on Twitter you’d know I’m really pleased with how My new little work out routine is going. I’m on to cycle 3 of Jillian Michaels Shred dvd ( last cycle ) tomorrow.  I will do that every day until I leave and when I get back, I’m going to take it down to every other day and start her Abs dvd and see how that goes.  what I know now is that I still don’t have more energy ( although superdave and KatieSavagesay I do ) and I am getting used to drinking more water except I have to PEE constantly, and I’ve found I’m starving ALL the time.  I haven’t changed My diet at all except to cut down on My Mountain Dew addiction ( 8 a day cans ) to maximum of 2 a day, and I’m still drinking coffee daily, but I try to limit Myself to one instead of three.  I’ve skipped two days during the last 16 days with yesterday being one of them, and I paid for it today because My arms feel like jello.  I’m doing big girl push ups now, so I’m getting stronger.  Basically losers, I’m just getting hotter and you’re not 😀  although I did inspire My sissybear to start working out again, so thats a positive 😀

So I may update before I leave for florida, but I doubt it, but the next update will be full of photos, and adventures with frenchy – including his emails to Me after I go through them, and also screen shots of him once again failing at being a tiny bit useless, that should be a good time for all.

A pleasant surprise is that AAA has come back from his banishment … for now.  he felt AWFUL for not paying what he PROMISED Me, and sent $400 and then another $100.  After all these years he’s still got it bad for TheAG 😀  It’s also time to light up whiney as he’s now past due 😀  I loveeee lighting up you useless lying bitches ! 😀

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