How long has it been since I’ve done a Niteflirt Pay Per View ?  Oh gosh I know — FOREVER.  so you drones should REALLY pick this one up to motivate ME to take precious time out of MY day to make MORE.  I’ve got over 1000 photos from vacation – and I’m even thinking about making a cheap one just to show off all the awesome things we did and saw.  😀  the cucks should be swooning – because the ENTIRE trip was made mostly possible by akturk slut and agpayvictim – and that includes, cruise $$, airfare, and excursions.   MANY of you paid NICELY while I was out on vacation – but not nearly enough because I spent so MUCH shopping and drinking !!! hahhaha.  FILL IT BACK UP – Nov bills are up for grabs.  hollywood is taking My celly and HUSBAND’S celly this month – but there is still cable, electric and various other bullcrap that I can’t and will NOT be worried about !!!

Pick up this NITEFLIRT Pay per view.  BIKINI’S, TOES and SOLES = Perfection !!!! A deal at $55

I'm in paradise spending YOUR money ! MORE !!!!



Also, please take a laugh at My sister blog – TheVictimMaker to find out about BOYS WHO DON’T PAY.  I’m not about to expose you losers on this blog, so I opened a LJ just for the purpose of exposure …. little slutty whiney has been paying $400 a week since August, and was LATE this week, so his information stays up while he’s in HIDING.  SLUTTY you should know better !!!  :: EDIT – PAID !!!! ::