racist rob liquorish

Robert Liquorish has been problematic, racist, an alleged child predator and could be pedophile, liar, childish, demanding and gaslighting dummy.


known emails : jimp_7662@outlook / piperp3000@outlook.com / alanaempress@gmail :: Sharon Ball, Mark Rose, Julia Dennis, SHARON BERNADETTE LIQUORISH OLDHAM

he’s been caught making fake domme accounts and actually TRYING to collect Amazon GC’s twitter and argues about racism in America when he lives in Australia. what a fucking retard. @alanaempress was one of his MANY accounts. he often changes his ID or deactivates.

he begged and cried and PAID for a new contract which he consistently has broken literally every week. so although I would give him a 3 day grace period with a $100 late fee per day, I’ve decided that I don’t have to do that since he can never follow the rules and is such a piece of shit RACIST. it’s a $5000 buy out, you ugly DYING racist bitch.

a few months ago this piece of shit tried to CHARGE BACK on four tributes, obviously I got that money back — but be aware girls, if he doesn’t get his way, he will TRY. ALL of us can’t wait until you DIE !!!!!

there is a protected entry for the ladies that need to know every single details of his TRASH BEHAVIOR and all his CRAZY nutter emails and in the domme forum, of course 😀