This has to be a joke ….

HAHA.  got this precious gem tonight — please Ladies don’t tell Me you fall for this shit :

davyjones140: right, i have caught that pindick wanker, it’s Nasso’s girlfriend here, he is a signer in a band, please let me know how we can both benefit from his wanker crap and both make money, he has left his yahoo mess on and i am on it now, have read his histroy and have found all his humiliating vids pics everything, lets fuck this idiot up
TheAsianGoddess: ” he left his yahoo mess on ” 
TheAsianGoddess: UH – don’t lie. 
TheAsianGoddess: I’m not in  his archives because I’m not on his friends list.  you actually had to KNOW My ID>
TheAsianGoddess: so nice try.  but fuck off.
davyjones140: eh? not lying at all darling, its Veronica here, have just caught the idiot
davyjones140: no, its a list comes up on here
TheAsianGoddess: No.  that’s untrue.
davyjones140: well, its his yahoo account, and you are on it, sorry to bother you then
TheAsianGoddess: No I’m not on it.  you lying slore.
davyjones140: ok, sorry if you think so, but its his list you know, nothing to do with me
TheAsianGoddess: exactly.
TheAsianGoddess: do Me a favor and grab Me an archived message of him and I.  I’d love to see it. 
TheAsianGoddess: since I know you are completely lying.
davyjones140: 6:44:39 AM    davyjones140: i am so sorry goddess, i didnt realize
TheAsianGoddess: date ? since its time stamped ?
TheAsianGoddess: and let’s just talk about how I am NEVER online at 6:44am.  you dumb fuck.
davyjones140: 8:56:51 AM    davyjones140: hello Goddess
9:11:31 AM    davyjones140: hello Goddess, i will give You all my info, i  would also be honoured to film any humiliating videos You want me to and then You can sell them
9:32:16 AM    davyjones140: Goddess, i will give You all mu info, mybands website, humiliating pics, videos of me, so that You can make me pay and turn me into Your chroni
9:32:31 AM    davyjones140: chronic wanker
9:33:13 AM    theeasiangoddess: Shut up stupid
9:33:33 AM    davyjones14
TheAsianGoddess: yeahhh, that’s not Me.  and you know it.
davyjones140: im sorry, i just found this on our computer, sorry to be a pain
TheAsianGoddess: again, its time stamped without dates ?  wrong again liar.
davyjones140: look, ok, sorry to trouble you, i’m no liar, i am veronica, that idiot’s gf, but sorry to trouble you, i guess he must have pissed you off royally, as he has me now
davyjones140: bye and sorry
TheAsianGoddess: you’re a fucking liar. 
TheAsianGoddess: try this on some insta.
TheAsianGoddess: I have archives from YEARS ago.  you can’t fool Me stupid.
davyjones140: look, i’m not him, ok? so please, don’t insult me, i said bye so now i will leave you, i just found this on the computer, sorry to have caused you trouble, please don’t insult me though
TheAsianGoddess: and yes, this entire message will be published.
TheAsianGoddess: go fuck yourself and die.
davyjones140: but this is in his History
TheAsianGoddess: No it’s not. 
TheAsianGoddess: or else again, you’d have DATES you fucking LIAR
davyjones140: yes it is, where do you think i got it from?
TheAsianGoddess: DATES
TheAsianGoddess: DUMB ASS
davyjones140: where will it be published? what are you on about?
davyjones140: i’d like to know about his idiotic adventures ( of course you do so you can WANK your dumb stick ! duhhh )
TheAsianGoddess: HAHAHAH you’re a fucking dumb ass.
davyjones140: what do you mean?
davyjones140: published? where?
TheAsianGoddess: < click > Ignore.

Yes Ladies and gentlemen, that is so transparent.  If you ” found ” messages on his PC between he and I – they would not only have the TIME on the timestamp but ALSO the date.  Yahoo doesn’t do one or the other < rolls eyes > I’m not online at 6:44am, you must be delusional.  and that asshole isn’t on My friend list, so there are NO archives – SO this person would have to actually KNOW My yahoo id.  what a fucking JOKE.  this person must be fucking STARVED for attention – and lastly – if I called you a SLORE and a dumbass, and a liar —- you think someone would take that from a stranger ?  HELL NO.  step your game up.  its embarassing for yourselves.  <yawnnnnnn>

wank wank wank.