This month is flying by !

First, before you get your panties in a bunch – I’m on the mac, so the next entry and I’ll add more pics of pressies and such.

Secondly – where is this month going ?  it’s flying by SO fast that it’s making My pretty little head spin !!! whoaaaaaa.

And lastly – I’m having a GIRL’S night on Saturday !  this is a great chance for you fetish addicted drones to SHINE.  I do NOT want us to pay for a single drink or dinner – as it should be, because ROYALTY does not PAY.  that’s YOUR JOB !!!!   So the plan is – dinner, My favorite hangouts, and if it’s gonna be a late night – we are thinking CASINO.  I’m going to need ALL your CASH to fund this epic night – as most of you know, I do not drink often or much – so this will be great ! I’ll be leaving My Niteflirt Ignore Line on as well – but believe ME – I’m sure with the hoard of girls coming that we will be LAUGHING and making fun of you.  BONUS.    ALL of My boys will be expected to contribute !!!  LOTS of pics will be taken.  Oh and I guess I can turn on TalkSugar Ignore Line as well !!!

I just logged into My cruise account to do the countdown, and I was looking at the activities YOU paid for, and I thought I only signed us up for two things – the Mayan ruins in Belize and the Dolphin swim in the Grand Cayman – nope, signed up for four days worth of shit – including snorkling and a private beach ! lol.  that was a lovely surprise, however, I wish I would’ve taken one of two of those activities and put it into the SPA on board.  THAT would be heaven, BUT – why would I have to cancel ANYTHING ?!  YOU should be paying for ALL MY fun !!!  SO – feel free to send the $400 that I need for couples massage and a facial and hot stone action for ME !!!!  —HINT – you can BUY ME fun ship dollars which can be used for the SPA and you will send it to MY gift registry which is :

Ms Karen, 1312 Washington Ave  #160, St Louis, MO 63103

Sail Date 10-17-10

OR you can send ME a gift for our LOVE CRUISE !!!

I’d prefer COLD HARD CA$H though so I can spend it how I want to of course :D:D:D and that includes cocktails, gambling ( casino on board ) spa services and most importantly – WI FI !!!!  if you want ME to be connected to take your $$ you will take care of these things for ME !

My celly and My bf’s celly were paid for by loserface for the month – but CABLE and ELECTRIC are still up for grabs !  Electric is about $200 and Cable /Internet is $250 – I kind of went crazy on the PPV movies last month – but this is YOUR JOB drones – so do NOT make ME wait and make ME spend MY OWN ( yours anyways ) MONEY.

I stole another $300 from blackmailfuk last week and this week – so $600 – and guess who came back ?  OH YES people it’s mobynodick – back from HIDING !!! now little bingeboy needs to come out of hiding for this month and MY life will be PERFECCCCCT !!! bahahaha.  I always get nervous when anything over 2k gets put in MY PP – so moby’s 5k made ME realllllly smile. bahhahaha.   where are you bingie?  I know you can’t resist ME and wow, do I have something for you !!!  hahhaha took $200 from jerkingjack, $250 from brian – both those freaks get another vid clips, which I plan on working on tomorrow after My hair appointment.    ooo and aussie admirer sent ME another pair of Frye boots !!!! I can’t wait until they get here – $300 worth of beauty !!!!   ooo and a twitteradmirer – who is SO totally sweet – he also bought the bread machine last month which I have been using like CRAZY, he also picked up the SPINNER luggage that I NEED for My trip !  $175 set ! YAY !    I’ll post pictures on next update.   I got THREE pairs of Juicy Couture flippies this week too !  two of them I have no idea who sent them though … no name on the billing =(  but whoever it is – KEEP BUSTING THAT CC for ME bc I LOVE IT.   the black/white pair of Juicy’s came from yet chicagoboy who is too funny for words, his texts to My phone make Me laugh so much !!! lol  – My sissybear came and dropped a few dollars to ME as well as yet another bikini – but as we agreed owes ME a lil more for straying … again 🙂  its SO easy to stray – but yet SO hard to get back in … I love ignoring you freaks — it makes you work SO much harder !!!!

I’ve added a BUNCH more crap to My ever growing wishlist – 2820 items purchased ! ( yes of course I made My goal ! bahahhaha peanut put ME over the 2800 items ! ) including a tunic that I want BAD and of course, more SHOES – all items are always noted in the comments !!!!  USE THEM as your guide to MY happiness.

Tomorrow – your beloved BIKINI photo set will be UP – some of you will get them as a reward – most of you will not … HAHHAHA :D:D:D:D

so to re cap —- MORE bitches, MOREEEEEEE !!!!