vacation within My vacation

Hello My admirers !!  A long awaited update is in order – how very fortunate for you !

I’ve completed in 362 days what I set out to do when I left for Seoul last Nov.   I now have My dual citizenship and am a holder of USA and SoKo passport !!!  I wanted to of course celebrate this achievement that cost you boys tens of thousands of dollars and MY time and decided to go on a vacation within My vacation to Thailand over ” Thanksgiving ”  I’ve rented a beautiful private villa for 6 days of total relaxation, beach and warm weather.     It’s already been reimbursed of course, and I’ll be upgrading My flight to business class as soon as AG_owned gets Me MORE cash 😀    I considered going to Bali, but the flights are just too long and if I’m going to be taking a long international flight again it’s going to be back HOME to the USA.   This is a pretty short direct flight to Thailand, so I’m very exciteddddd.    I was packing up My summer clothes to send back to USA when I thought … wait…  I should go someplace before I go back to the frozen tundra of winter.    I don’t plan to actually DO much except the Elephant Sanctuary.   I’m really planning on soaking in My outdoor bathtub and enjoying the humid heat for days at a time.    I can’t wait to show you My beautiful villa !!!

weakling sent $1000 to celebrate My accomplishment and also a new LV wallet, but I will have him order that when I get back home.   ag_owned sent $3000 for My little vacation.   he’s also pledged another 10k  ( and that total actually keeps going up – as now I’ve included My flight home business class ) that WILL be received asap into My hands.   weakling has also been keeping up with My beauty / shopping while Ive been in Seoul too.    weakling delivers his promises and loves My greed.   I’m sure he remembers vividly when I let him take Me shopping – paying and holding My bags and catering to ME and My best girl friend here.    HAHAHAHA I bet it gives him LIFE 😀     ag_owned has been pretty much keeping up with everything else — My shenanigans included 😀    the rest of the drive by’s and randoms haven’t been news worthy except for aussie admirer who I simply text and then $$$ shows up in My account.    I love that kind of relationship.  HAHAHAHAH.   dumb brit came by with 3-4 different tributes but then as usual jets and cries and runs away.     usually I would have time to deal with you dumb asses, but My time is precious in Seoul and I won’t waste it on YOU unless you’re somewhat worthy in My eyes.   Get with the program.   I dont pay — YOU do.

After I return from vacation within My vacation … I’ll be heading back home 3 weeks later.    These trips go by SOOO fast — it’s like time speeds up.   It’s been a MEMORABLE year that’s for sure.   I don’t think I’ll ever forget this year.   so much planning, excitement, anxiety and nerves.    I worried a lot … really for nothing … because everything went relatively smoothly !   As sad as I am to be leaving again — there are some things that I just miss.  bathtubs, dryers, garbage disposals, clean air, My car and MY DOGS.    things that I will miss in Korea is cheap taxi’s, ability to drink whenever and wherever, bathrooms everywhere,  walking the streets with so many people,  dog cafe’s,  mountains to hike,  korean skincare products, hyper shopping,  cheap ass botox ( omg SO cheap ) and MY friends.     but, it’s time to get back to My life at home.   I wonder what My next adventure will be ?   I want to buy an apartment here soon, maybe that will be the next project.   I know I won’t be back until at least mid May and maybe even fall, I don’t know yet, as I have things that are going on at home that are unfinished because I decided to do this dual thing, that definitely need My attention 😀

well that’s My update for now.   enjoy it bitch.