Yeah, sure you did.

< EYE ROLL >  while writing the last blog entry I got this really f’d up IM on yahoo :

Chris.Mxxxxxxson: Goddess, I have a confession to make: This past thanksgiving my wife and I had turkey, gravy, and all the traditional foods associated. As I was cooking the turkey, I had an overwhelmingly urge to watch your videos and look at your pics. I then proceeded to cum all over the turkey. A few hours later, I ate it, pretending the cum was turkey dressing. It tasted amazing knowing that I did it because of you. It’s really pathetic, but I needed to tell you. You’re a deity, and you can make a man do anything.

This dude has been leaving Me messages on My IM since October.  Should I be flattered ?  No, I’m not.  thanks.  bye, ignored & blocked.