What’s this still doing here ?

Yes.  It’s Me.  TheAG finally updating a little bit.  I can’t stress enough that I now hate blogging, and I never thought I would say that, there is nothing like talking about ME all the time, but that’s what I have Twitter for !  I think LIVE updates are better than reading blogs !  Maybe I’ll password protect the blog soon – that way I don’t have to see oodles of emails asking if I have gone away …. If you drones have twitter, you’d be able to KEEP UP, which is more than I can say for your wallets !

I don’t even know where to begin !  I’ve been hanging out with My vanilla neighbors more than I usually socialize with people and I GUESS this was My idea ( according to the host )  I mentioned that I was excited to carve pumpkins this year because I have an actual place outside to put them, as opposed to the last four years in the old loft, bc it was a loft building, I had a hallway to an elevator, so I never put pumpkins out.  A week later I receive an email from neighbor saying she’s having a pumpkin carving bbq !  lol.  It was a lot of fun, carved a lot of pumpkins and this was Mine :

Until the next day when a squirrel got his little teeth into it and then it looked like this :

ARrrrrrrrgggggg.  This is the same squirrel that up until a week ago, liked to come to My third floor and come in the window, and dig around in one of My plants throwing dirt all over the place.  At least, I think it’s the same little squirrel.   or squirrel family !  pffffft.

I’ve done a lot of fun things … went to The Darkness Haunted House and Lemp Brewery Haunted House with MsPerfectPeds.  The Lemp Brewery one was sooooo scary.  If you also read this blog, you know that we also spent the night in the mansion/bedandbreakfast twice last year !   I also went to Six Flags again for Fright Fest which was a LOT of fun to ride in the dark !

I was sick for about 8-9 days last month when My david got home from China … he was also sick so we were pretty miserable I have to say.

This is all boring to you minions isn’t it ?  Ok, let’s get down to why you come to My blog and wank your dumbsticks to the financial humiliation that I bring into your pathetic lives 😀

#1 is certainly getting most of My precious Attention, I love having dirty filthy kinky text conversations with My little one — I’ve been pimping him out and enjoying the rewards as usual.  he’s to be on his knees receiving COCK while I’m gaining more and more.  I’ve added up the bank transfers since April and he’s past 20k in CASH.  I think it’s time for a RAISE ! HAHHAHAHAHA 😀  of course this does NOT include the bills he pays and shopping on VS and Amazon.  HAHAHAHA.  I’ve got two HUGE goals for him to accomplish …. car and a 10k trip 😀  can My little cocksucker do it ?  YES SHE CAN. HAHAHHA

he also PAID My electric ($250) My gas (150) My Internet/Uverse ($210) and will be paying $150 on My Cell bill 😀 hahhahah  that’s of course only this month.   now how fucking HOT is that ??!! HAHHAHAHA  Last month because of davey’s China trip and verizon not having an international plan with them, the bill ballooned to over $600 and of course I sent AGfucktoy to take care of it :

hahahh speaking of AGfucktoy, he owes ME some serious CA$H that ass sniffing bitch !  he thinks I have forgotten, but I NEVER forget how much you drones OWE ME !!! and since I know he’s hiding because of that and the fuck hard wallet rape I gave him last month … it’s going to cost him even MORE.  Maybe I’ll just walk around his amazon account and OPPS maybe I’ll just take what I want. bahahhahahha.  How’s that reward clippie ? HAHHAHAHAHAHHA

AAA came by last month for his RELEASE and has had some personal issues that I will not share with you, he’s on a break with My knowledge …. I wonder how long I will make him wait this time for RELEASE ?  he would be better off to start saving those extra $$ while on break because I AM GOING TO TAKE IT 😀

Ooo and My little sole and ass lover marky came back for a HOT messy week of wishlist RAPE !!!!  I believe we ended it at 45 items ! HAHAHAH a few Greendots in there and PP as well …. then I got verrrry sick and couldn’t keep up the pace .. can you believe it ?  I must have been VERRRRRRY sick ! lol here are SOME of the pressies …

2 of these gliders and a table

three of these wood blinds 😀

the sunglasses above are from bingie … whom I enticed back for a pressie or two after I sent him My ASS clippie and had him BEGGING to spend. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAA  he also picked up this top and IPOD for My girl MsPerfectPeds for her Birthday, plus a $500 GD 😀

bingie 😀

The shyboy turned out to be a dud !  he basically has been being financially dominated without the label for the last few years over the net.  because he’s so shy, he can’t bring himself to even talk on the phone … anyways, clearly with My relentless and never ending greed, he couldn’t hang, so I let him out of it with $5,000 😀 ( Yes, both checks cleared 😀  I DO have his work information and all ! lol )

It pays to do some research on the Domme you wish to give your financial accounts to.  It’s MORE than clear on My blog that I will settle for nothing less than total happiness for MYSELF.  If you can’t hang … get the fuck on … you can’t expect ME to convince you do you ? LOL.

Other pressies have included $$ from My sissybear for Six Flags and these cute tops

Also cuckface got the supreme chance to pay for a Cirque Du Soleil VIP package of course for The Immortal Tour Michael Jackson in Feb for davey’s Birthday 😀 bahahhaha.  $250 per VIP ticket !!!!  It’s been a few years since the last time I saw a show, so I’m very excited.  I also went VIP then as well ….what do you expect ? HAHHAHAHHA – Section A bitchesssssss 😀  verrrry excited for that fun night.

My First Anniversary was on October 10th 😀  and it was wonderful !  he surprised Me with breakfast and then a ride on a helicopter over the city !  It was romantic and silly all at the same time.

Botanical Gardens where we got married.

More pressie from My #1 too —

Not pictured are two amazing Guess? jackets in red and black that I adoreeeeee !!!   I also received some amazinggggg Frye flats from twitter admirer.  they are amazing.   I think I have 7 more pairs of shoes and boots coming this week — three of which are from footwanker who’s BACK 😀 bahahhaha.  I can’t wait for these amazing Fergie boots from My #1 either !  less than $200 quite the deal ! HAHHAHAHHAHA

I  thought I’d bring out My favorite boots for fall for you money fetish slaves to drool over as well

I know you can’t resist My perfect smooth soles.  I know you can’t resist My perfect legs.  I know for SURE you minions can’t resist MY PERFECT Ass.  What are you waiting for ?  Tribute, Serve and be happy in knowing you bring a smile to My face … while I laugh … and take what’s MINE.

My Amazon Wishlist is up to 3672 items PURCHASED !!!!  It needs to be at 3700 PRONTO !!!!  BUY BUY  BUY .. and it’s the end of the month … so you should be clicking on MY CLIPVIA TRIBUTE LINK to PAY PAY PAY !!!!  😀

I know I’m missing a few of you … guess you will need to step it up.  Start with the above demands 😀 peter sent $100 and jj sent $200 ( but until he sends more, I’m not speaking to him. hahhahah ) mike sent $100 and then I forgot about him …. so I’ll be talking to him this week as well.