This and That

Today is Sunday and I’m doing nothing except laying around and watching PPV movies on cable — did you miss Me on Friday ?!  I bet you did – sorry little pets, but I had things to do that kept ME from total destruction of your wallets and credit accounts.  some maybe THANKFUL that I wasn’t online and some of you were NOT.  — which were you ???

So Thanksgiving came and went as it does every year, but I was more excited over My 7th Birthday of MY GLOBES of DESTRUCTION 😛   little boobiezombie slapped down $300 to homage and another $300 from AAA ( still to be re-named ) I think I got $50 from victimofag and $50 from peter as well.  not bad for a day that has nothing to do with anything.  lololol 😛

Best pressie and favorite boy of the moment so far was boobiezombie laying $1100 at My Perfect feet and TITS for MY vacation in January ! 😀 that takes care of airfare and hotel for 3 days — now who’s taking care of the shopping ?! HAHHAHAHA.   I found boobiezombie’s favoriteeeeeeeeee navy  bra — think I’ll tease and taunt him some more … after all, I have another 4k to be transferred to MY accounts ! HAHHAHA YESSSS.

Dec is coming up FAST – which means Birthmas and since My Birthday in ON Christmas, that means – the entire month of Dec is considered MY Birthday ! HAHHAHA yessssss.  I loveee this time of year – I have NO mercy, NO patience and take NO shit – you can released easily just for the smallest infractions … so watch your step – I clean up and clean OUT during this month !!!

Oh you missed the BEST time too — on Thanksgiving eve – kind of have a tradition of LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds come over and we get pretty shitfaced and play wii games – this year we broke out the xbox kinetic thing and we also played board games and just got plain giggly.  I was so messed up that I forgot to turn on My Niteflirt lines ! lol maybe next year bitches.

Rent and bills are due – make you deposits to receive your rewards ! :D:D:D