Update #4 !!!!

you have waited long enough =)  Here it comes, another big pressie / tribute post !!! 

Let’s start with My current favorite – My hollywood !!!  This little atm bitch has been keeping Me smiling with his weekly CASH deposits straight into My bank account.  I LOVE making him GO to his local branch and DEPOSIT !!!  its such a pain for him, so that makes it EVEN better for ME.  $4,000 in MY hot little hands !!!!!  and its just going to go UP bc hollywood can’t resist !!!! <3

$1000 for ME
LOVE THIS !!!!! 😀

As he said last week ” i’m so glad i finally drank the kool-aid ”  😀  Serving ME makes HIM happy.  As it always should be !  As if that isn’t enough, he also went to Verizon and slapped down $125 for part of My cell bill ( the total bill was $425 – I guess those data roaming charges in Mexico add up ! the bill has since been put back to 0 of course.)   I was going to get hair extensions with the 1k that hollywood forked over, but the stylist rescheduled and now thinking I want to get a spa procedure instead.  😀  yes, I think that is what I’m going to do. hehehe.   how was hollywood rewarded ?  with a custom voiced photoset 😀  was it worth it ? I bet if you ask him he will say YES. bahahhahah.

AAA aka pastyslave let Me know that TODAY is our five year anniversary !!!!  I can’t even believe it has been that long !  he tried to quit Me a few times during that time and always fails ….. AAA (3/26/2011 1:08:42 PM): I just realized this…5 years ago today 3/26/06 i became of a victim of your incredible beauty and devious mind. My life has never been the same! Thank you Goddess! ::  I wonder what I am going to get for MY Anniversary TRIBUTE ?  HAHAHAH I’m letting that go for a few weeks anyways until he gets paid again — I raped him of $700 and then $500 last night to release his boy poison.  he’s in chastity for months at a time.  he was two weeks OVER DUE from his release date…so he was FULL and ready to be manipulated.  he always tries to low ball Me.  LOLOLOLOLOL why ? 😀  anyways, I’m SURE the 5 year Anniversary Tribute will be amazing.  right ?  YES.

tfloser came by and spent $600 on Glamworship and also $250 on that HUGE Verizon cell bill as well.  he needs to get his shit together.  I don’t WAIT for fuc*ers like you — its the OTHER WAY AROUND !!!!  don’t msg Me with ” i’ll be out drinking tonight Goddess ” without having $$$$ with it as well, because I DONT CARE what you are doing unless its benefitting ME. 

Moving on to raz.  this obsessed hilarious freak !!!!  he’s obsessed and can’t stop dry jerking to My images and My emails.  he has little self control when it comes to the Ladies.  he can be swayed like a palm tree in the wind.  he dropped $400 via CASH deposit directly to My bank account and also an alertpay and also bought Me some amazing diamond hoop earrings which I LOVE, and at first when I took them out of the box I was disappointed, but then I put them on – and BLING.  LOVE.  he’s also done some damage on My wishlist – see below for photos of the haul.

fan turned addict spent about $400 in Tributes via Clipvia and Kinkbomb.  Hotness.  The New Niteflirt PPV has been selling – and so far has netted Me about $300 after NF fees.    By the way – I LOVE Clipvia for Tributes !  they have the best rate out there for the Ladies.  go sign up

jerkingjack … this loser cracks Me up.   he sent almost $1200 for 3 customs and the rest was just because Im AWESOME ! 😀 hahhaha !  this loser is trying to work up the courage to have his ass beat in person by Me – he tried around My Birthmas but he chickened out.  HAHHAH will he do it this time ? I’ve already let him know – it would be about 3k for as ass whooping and shopping.  HAHHAH what a BITCH.

After I took the new photo set last week, I emailed bingie to give him a taste of what he was missing again after his last binge.  Shortly after I got a response …. and then it took a matter of minutes to have him FALL weak to his loser knees once more.  W/we will be trying a more sustainable way this time 😀 this is completely different than the last 5-6 years.  Generally, this loser rears his loser face about 2 -3 times a year, spends and spends and then goes back into deep hiding.  he almost always deletes My images and videos from his hard drive, which actually works to MY advantage, bc he always comes back and then I just make him PAY for the same shit he already had.  sometimes you losers are your own worst enemy. bahahhahahah.  Anyways, bingie will be servicing Me until the end of April.  after that, a decision will be made to continue or have another break to go into pussyland hiding.  he is NOT allowed to bolt though during this time.  and if he tries, he will be slapped with the largest Release Fee ever 😀  and he will pay it bc he’s been programmed to do so.  right bitch ? HAHHAH.  So this bitch is on a weekly tribute schedule, with one pressie to be purchased a week and three bills to be paid during the rest of the month and April – he knows if he wants attention other than what I am WILLING to give out – he will pay for it like every other victim in this Empire.   Also, going back to basics.  DAILY email affirmations and worshiping My HOLY AMAZING BODY on his fucking weak knees where I can kick him where it hurts the most.  the wallet.  I know My bingie though – and being a binge boy means breaking habits that he has a hard time with.  its difficult for him NOT to binge ! LOL as I write this I just got an email from him saying :

Hi, Goddess Karen,I thought I would show my devotion today with cash instead of words.

Your GreedDot number is –

xxxx xxxx xxxx xx

I hope you enjoy the tribute, Goddess Karen.

slave bingie

HAHHAHAH thanks for the $600 loser !!!!!!!  HAHAHHAHAHA  I’m sure this doesn’t count against your MoneyMonday Tributes bitch.  in fact, I KNOW it doesn’t.  Oh ! Almost forgot I had him pay My $380 electric bill as one of his first bills to pay.  HAHHAHA excuse Me while I walk all over you bitch.  😀  I also had him add up the $$$$$ he’s spent over the years … and this is what he came up with :  $100,459.oo !!!!  HAHAH that’s why he’s called bingeboy ! HAHHAHAH


I know ….. I’m 100% SPOILED.  you love it, and I love it even more 😀  I’m just now starting to get MY pretty but lethal nails into popstar !!!  he’s been slow to come to grips with the fact that he NEEDS to $erve and Wor$hip Me, but I’m patient — I’ve taken a few dollars here and there from him on Glamworship, and he’s been downright scared to talk to Me on Y! messenger …. anywaysssssss – we had a conversation and three purchases later I got some amazing glass !!! 😀    Im now EXPECTING he hits bingie’s average of $20k a year.  can he do it ?  YES HE CAN !  Yesterday I had a little fun with TeamViewer and popstar’s computer.  I deleted everything.  10 years worth of porn and a shit ton of photos and videos from a lot of Ladies.  I MEANT to keep My photos and a few other Ladies who I respect, but accidently deleted it ALL.  WHOOPS. 😀  so he has NOTHING except for the newer vids and photos I sent him 😀  much worshipping to do popstar get on it and then PAY.  you know you wanna. tehehehehhee.

pm has been doing his 100% best at getting what I want – including Amazon pressies and Alertpays !  I didn’t realize what a pain that Alertpay can be at times.  what’s this about them not accepting Mastercard right now ?  fricking lame.  and I guess the verification process for adding cc’s takes longer than I had been telling you boys, so pm has been almost panicked trying to get his alertpay 100% verified.  I found that so sweet <3 he sent $100 and some gifts =)   footwanker came out and bought 3 pairs of shoes ( 2 pairs last month )  I hardly ever hear from him though – must be another scared minion. heheheh.  that’s ok, I love getting new shoes.  you really have NO idea how many pairs I have, its basically sickening.  boobiezombie failed at getting his ” I’m sorry ” Tribute to Me – so therefore, once again banished.  too bad too, bc the lulu bikini he got Me ( featured in newest photo set ! ) is smoking hot !!!!!   I also got two pressies from My wishlist from someone on twitter named ” luvasiangoddess” what I find kind of funny about this is that he used to have the twitter id of ” adoresienna”  but apparently he got hooked on Me through My twitter feed so he changed his name.  he didn’t ask Me about this, nor did he Tribute for the honor of having My name in his ID, but I really didnt care… UNTIL – he tweeted ” i need to tribute someone today…problem is that all of you are so deserving..i wish i could afford all of you…but must make a tribute ”   LOL uh dude, you are using MY name in your twitter handle and NOT tributing ME and then ASKING who should he tribute ? wow !  LOLOLOL anyways,  I let him know – and he ran to My wishlist and picked up two things – More Kona Kcups ( My life blood ! ) and a new rooftop lounger – nice.  let that be a lesson to you losers …… it’s again – Always About Me !!!!!!  brian spent $50 and agpayvictim has been laying low like a good boy but couldn’t resist sending Me some amazon gcs 😀 <3

I updated My Tribute Page and also My right hand sidebar —- get clicking and paying !!!!!  you can CLICK the below photos to get My newest black string bikini tease with My voice ( over 25 images ) on Niteflirt and KinkBomb.    Leave feedback !!!!!!

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suck em bitch !!!!!