A day like every other day ….

Lately in the midwest it’s been like summer.  Temperatures reaching nearly 90 and most of the time in the 80’s for weeks, and I’ve been enjoying every moment of it !  Bringing out My gorgeous Spring and Summer dresses that you drones have purchased and trying on tiny shorts that always fit like a glove means summer is right around the corner with relaxing pool days and being balls deep in your wallet !

Currently as of this moment, I’m at 4,251 items purchased on My Amazon Wishlist😀  marky came back and dumped about $700 in spending for My satisfaction and then promptly was broke again, but as we all know … I wait patiently for what I want and I will always get what I want 😀  I’ve gotten some really nice pressies the last few weeks including a new Breville blender from #1 and My 3rd Breville kcup coffee maker ( they don’t last worth a shit if you don’t regularly descale them btw ) but of course My favorite pressie is from agsbitch and it’s the Ipad 3 !!!!!

It’s gorgeous, slightly heavier than the Ipad2 that also agsbitch bought last year.  I spent a few days watching HBO GO documentaries and it’s absolutely awesome for watching videos, and mirroring to My TV(s) and My macbook ( it’s also about time for an upgrade for that as well bitches )  In the fall when the Iphone5 comes out – agsbitch will be picking up that for Me as well, and as a reward he will be GIVEN My Iphone4s ( which he also bought hahahha My apple boy ) to use.  he will have a stroke out knowing he’s using My personal iphone 😀  kinda hot yes ?  =) agsbitch also paid the last two months of My cell phone bill that totalled over $500 not to mention the last two trips out of town … what a good little BITCH.  he DID release without permission and he will be financially punished for that at MY LEISURE but for now giving him a hot minute to regroup.  $400 from AAA and I believe that’s the last that I will hear from him.  It seems he can’t seem to get anything right recently.  My new housebitch has bought several things from My wishlist because of My whole plant based no animal product diet, I’ve got to do a lot more cooking then I ever have in My life, so upgrading kitchen items is essential to My new adventure.

My sissybear has been at My beck and call when wanted 😀  A few weeks back I discovered this 100% vegetarian place in the Loop that I wanted to check out, and MsKatieSavage and I went there and had lunch, and it was delicioussssss,  the service was crazy bad and it felt like it was a front business but it was so good, that I couldn’t resist going back again for dinner last week.  I tweeted to My sissybear that he should pay for our dinner and POOF $100 venmo came in 😀  he’s been quite busy getting into his new position which means more $$ for TheAsianGoddess, so shortly I’ll be calling him to pick back up the shopping for ME 😀  he will also be tributing My eyelash fluffing appointment on Monday – isn’t that right My pretty sissybear ?!  In My last reward clip that I did for HER, I mentioned I wanted to see some pics of HER in her FAVORITE bikini 😀 did I receive those photos ?  OH YES I DID and got quite the giggle from My sissy.

My awesome vegan diet is going really well 😀  I’ve hosted a few dinners with My girls MsKatieSavage, LuxxLady and GoddessMarley, we are still getting in our practice at cooking so much, but the last vegan night was OFF the hook yummy 😀  I can’t wait for our next one.  I’m not sure why our Niteflirt Lines aren’t  ringing off the HOOK when all of us are together, but maybe now that you minions know you will gather your dollars and CALL and listen to us DESTROY YOUR WALLET.

#1 continues to be … well My #1 😀  $1200, $100o and $1000 so far this month not including shopping on My Amazon wishlist.  I adore this kinky no limits slut !!!  For instance … today is what I call Saucy Sunday for My #1 this is when I get him all nice and messed up on pills and green and have him schedule big cock sucking appointments.  So far today he’s had a TS and a BBC and currently I have him ready to take one more hot TS for the finale !  I know he’s on his knees waiting to be violated all in the name of My pleasure and I couldn’t be MORE pleased. HAHAHA.   he picked up another Luli Fama bikini, 3 bottle of Butter polish and gloss, more Nars lipstick, Bcbg dress, new lighting for My photography — anything that pleases ME pleases YOU – every single male who’s under MY direction should know that and have it imprinted upon your SOULS and wallets.

3rd one !

I haven’t taken photos of the last cycle of gifts at all.  Do I feel awful about this ?  Not really, but I feel a bit guilty because it’s part of what I do – so I’ll be getting back to it.  It becomes such a chore you know ?  I mean, when most Dommes took photos of their gear, and it’s something I’ve always done, but I’ve REALLY fallen off about it and even you drones deserve to see where your not so hard earned cash ends up 😀

your flipflop fantasy

tommy wanted to try and set up a tribute schedule with Me after all these years.  he said it was just a matter of time before I had access to his accounts.  This made Me laugh out loud because he’s been tributing Me for the last 6-7 YEARS.  So, isn’t that kind of a silly thing to say ?  Yeah I thought so 😛  Anyways, in the last two weeks I’ve collected $800 from him and will have another $400 this week ! Cross your fingers he makes it 😀 bahahhaha – I took $250 from jj last week and then blocked him because he gave Me the run around the last few weeks.  I don’t give a fuck.  Collected $1.3k from famous frenchie, and he still has a balance due, as he does with most of the Ladies on the net.  If you think that retard is something special pikachu you really have some growing up to do.  his tactics are as old as the day is long.  I also received a few newbie 100’s here and there, but nothing spectacular or impressive by any means.

I gained access to irish’s Niteflirt account and had some FUN in there stomping around.  looking into his mail, deleting favorites, oh and the fun part … paying Myself 😀  the other night it was $350 in amazon and $900 cash.  this little toy couldn’t get enough and was back in My YIM today asking to worship Me on cam again.  How can I resist such a sweet request knowing I was about to fuck him deep and hard.  As he let Me know at the end of the drain it was $1100.  that’s SO hawt.  Actually, I couldn’t even keep going because I was sooooo turned on that I had to attack davey and couldn’t stand it one more second, so really to Me, he got off LIGHT. HAHAAHAH  no sex with wifey tonight 😀 Oooh yeah, $500 from whiney who’s about to get LIT up again 😀  YAY ME.

never deny – always give in.

As usual I feel as if I’m forgetting a lot …. I really need to update this on a regular basis.  seriously.