That’s right My admirers, it’s almost that time to head across the world to finish what I’ve started !!!   I have less than two weeks left in the States so I’m really out enjoying My time – My family and My friends and NOT worrying about you.   but YOU should be worried about how you will be pleasing Me every day of your tiny lives.

ag_owned has been very very busy with three infusions of CASH money to My greedy hands.   I think around 11k.  he also did some serious shopping on My Wishlist to the tune of about 5k give or take.   weakling as usual made sure My hair, nails, pedis and shopping are taken care of with direct transfers and also shopped for a few needed items from the list.    tommy came around again and spent $2k the last few times I spoke with him, so we will see if he can refrain from pestering Me ALL the damn time.     leaky is still in the wind, but he can’t resist the chemistry we have, so I expect to be hearing from him soon.   other randoms don’t get mentions because of of their lack of creativity and deep pockets … lucky for Me it ALL adds up to ME not doing anything except be demanding.   what an intoxicating existence Women like Me have.    Findom is amazing 😀

My Wishlist is now CLOSED until I return, unless given permission to purchase off the list.   you can ALWAYS send Amazon gift cards to MY email :  theasiangoddessx@gmail.com 

I also again want to highlight American Idoll and her creative and quick skills as a talented designer.   My Niteflirt rebranding is done.  If you need vanilla or adult design work done — SHE is ready for consults and you will NOT be disappointed in her work.   I’m so so so happy that I finally decided to clean up this blog and My listings on NF.   I’ve never really invested a lot of time in ” doing ”  Findom and I am so impressed and ecstatic over her work.   Check it out HERE.    also, I’d love to utilize the NiteFlirt CHAT more as I’ve found it’s quite effective and keeps the CASH flowing.   I ignore SO many of your emails, and this platform will insure I’ll actually give you attention 😀   Chat with ME HERE and bookmark that for easy access to your wallet.



There is something about having a lot of one hundred dollar bills in My Greedy hands.    the smell, the crisp of the bills that were still banded together when I received them, makes it even more yummy and orgasmic.    you should feel shame, bliss and PROUD of how you serve and spend on Me.    you are feeling HOT because you know you have gotten MY attention with SPENDING.    Is there anything better knowing you are doing what you are destined to do ?  Serving  the superior WOMAN is your destiny.   it IS your fate.

victimhood looks GOOD on you, boy.    SPEND MORE.