A long wordy update

I can’t believe I’ve gone THIS long without an update and so close to My Birthmas too !  Let’s see if I can remember all the things that need to be updated and addressed,  however, if I miss you – then hopefully you’ll make a bigger impression on ME so that I will remember !

I was talking to AAA after I stole $300 from him the other week, and we were talking about the first few times he tributed ME and then wanted to be OWNED by Me, and felt that his ID was a little OLD now since he’s thrown out his old baggage, and I’ve completely and totally have transformed him from his main fetish of SOLES to My CLEVAGE !!!   W/we agreed on a new ID, but let ME ask the fans and admirers if they have something a little more catchy and not so boringgggg.   leave a comment or email ME suggestions to mzasiangoddess@aol.com

I’ve been going on Glamworship every Friday — that’s been My typical MO as of right now anyways.  So what I usually do is turn on MY cam on the most kissable, juicy soles in the world … MINE and let you drool.  its typical that you minions start IMing Me right away begging ME take your money which I GLADLY do.  a youngboy who lied to ME told ME he was an older man, bc typically I don’t have the young subs ( with the exception of agpayvictim who had to prove himself ove the last year …. which he did ! ) for many and various reasons, of which I won’t get into now, but most know My stance on that.  Anyways, My friend MsPerfectPeds was over so we decided to Double Domme him.  HAHAHAH this boy got knocked around to the tune of $1200 !!! HAHHAAH all for SOCKS.  then of course he came clean that he LIED about his age, as if I care.  I just got your MONEYYYYYY !!! 😀   jerkingjack also sent $500 for a two minute clip of us berating him in bikini tops.  LOLOLOL.   Sometimes I just adore My life !!!! 

My little peanut sent $225 – which gets him past the 4k mark nicely.   I  know you Ladies LOVEEE to talk about ME and why I treat him the way I do — but frankly, AGAIN, its NONE of your business.  get used it and then get over it.  peanut can’t RESIST My Juicy Yellow Soles.  Yeah, he’s still on My blacklist – so what ? I’ll take him down when I want to.  period.

I’m sure My readers remember boobiezombie ( he’s been around since day 1 of My online presence pretty much ) —– we had a falling out a few months ago when he tried to make ME feel bad ( as if ! ) and like a good ADDICTED boy – he’s BACK.  he started his new phase with sending ME $$$ while I slept — which alwaysssss puts a smile on MY Lovely Face !!!  he has a blog all about ME which I love here’s the LINK – read it !http://donalkis.livejournal.com/and his twitter http://twitter.com/donalkis – you will see boobie zombie is in the works of getting ME a new credit card with a decent limitof 5k ( which I will make him get raised !!!! ) and we’ve already discussed him taking on MY vacation in January !   YESSSS.  Hopefully that trip will be booked by early next week.  I’m totally excited !!!  I haven’t had a vacation by Myself in a LONG time.  I loveeeee going someplace all on My own.  nothing to do, nothing to be bothered with.  the photos are going to be SICK.  I’ve been adding even MORE bikini’s to My wishlist !!!! 😀 bc that is ALL I will be wearing :D:D:D:D hawtness !   I was going to have agpayvictim pay for this vacation since he’s been MY GO TO sub for vacations – but I think he needs a little mercy break he’s already sent in $400 for it, but I will use that $$ for something else instead 😀  that way little agpayvictim can breathe a little.   I know he gets all worked up and I’m not TOTALLY heartless…….. heheeh.

So in keeping with MY vacation — I’ve got a new boy who’s been buying bikini’s ( bikiniboy ) for ME.  he’s already bought THREE.  one of which has come in – but after this next round – he will hence be called FETCHBOY – a little dog who’s job it is to BARK and FETCH for ME the things that I want MOST from My wishlist.   My aussie oinkers bought ME all the Christmas tree decorations from My wishlist, but I still have to go get a tree.  that would be nice right ? lol I left My old tree at My old place ( 2 places ago ) and bringing up a real tree to a loft is a PAIN the ass that I dont want, PLUS you kill a damn tree.  so one of you needs to suck it up — because …. I’m your Savior !!!  

I went and picked up the Xbox kinetic the other night —dumbbob to the rescue !!!  I HATE going to BestBuy – like hate it with a passion, but all the xbox kinetcs are sold out on amazon,and I am NOT paying for one for $600 on ebay, so I bought it online and went and picked it up.  I should’ve gotten the last two that were in stock and sold them on ebay, but I didn’t think about that until I got home.   SO – you should send Me even MORE money and extend that credit for ME ( get those BestBuy cc’s out ) and I’ll do that.  lol 😛

little wanking whiney came back for a hot minute to buy ME some new 7 for all mankind jeans and I also made him send Me another $300 just for fun.  of course I got it 😀 although now that I think about it, I haven’t gotten the jeans yet … I’ll have to go check soon.  he says he’s done, but we ALL know he’s FAR from done.  he’s NEVER done. bahhahahhahaha.   brian paid his $250 and then sent another $250 for another video !  hahahah you boys just loveeeeee My video clip rewards ! which remind ME, I need to start My Bikini Series.  thats gonna be HOTTTTTTTTTT !!!! hhahhahhahaha

My fucktoy has been some fun lately too.  I got into one of his accounts and took $500 one night and then a few days later he couldn’t take it again and I took another $200.  hahahhaha !!! I’m sure it was SOOO Hot to him watching ME drain his accounts on cam. bahahhahaha.  he just can’t stop STARING at My Perfectness and can’t resist.  even when he shouldn’t be spending ! bahhahahahahhaa.

By the way, I hit 2900 items purchased on My wishlist and I’m pretty stoked about it.  3000 items purchased isnt that far off is it ?  can you do it by My BIRTHMAS ?  Let’s put it as a personal challenge to all My boys, minions, drones, worker bees, fans and admirers !!!  I have to tell you that I LOVE getting surprise items from My wishlist from My twitter followers too.  Some that don’t wish to be named have done a KNOCK up job of surprising ME !!!!!   GET SHOPPING !!!!

aussie admirer needs to come out of hiding as well 😛  hollywood is in a holding pattern right now, but really, My instict is telling Me he’s wanking Me which is SO strange since he used to take care of My cell and cable for ME, but he’s got a lot going on in his personal life right now, so My instinct also says to be patient.  My sissybear bought ME some new panties and matching bra too —- I bet he wants to wear them instead though ! hahhahahah loveeee it.

I think that’s it.  I’ve missed some small tributes here and there, drive by’s and alike, but I’m not going to name them bc they need to send MORE to be highlighted 😀  get on it ! 

BY THE WAY – MY BOOBIES  7TH   BIRTHDAY is on WED ( good looking out AAA ) and yes I do expect homage to My perfect GLOBES of destruction !!!!!!!  :D:D:D: