April showers brings out timewasters ….

Yes it seems that way …  time has just really slipped away from Me this month !!!  I’ve had out of state guests 3 weeks in a row,  family in and out,  MsPerfectPeds and Me went to the haunted mansion again with Princess Stacey this time !  Luxxury Princess had other plans so she couldn’t go this time around, and probably a good thing – bc things were extra spooky this time !  I’ve got 21 photos of orbs and one with a mist ! craaaaazzzzzy !!!!!   There was also a crazy storm that night with a lot of hail, and that made it even scarierrrrrr =)

Lately I have been getting the strangest emails.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same person, but regardless, I guess, after seven years I still need to remind you losers that I’m a Financial Domme.  I will not give you attention or the time of day without CASH.   Why would ANY woman in their right mind want to dominate, humilate or even TALK to you for free ?  what is it you can’t grasp ?  UGH.  I haven’t had a string of this much non sense in a while, I guess My last blog entry spurred you idiots into showing your intelligence …. which, is. not. much.

” Dear Asian Goddess
I have studied Your profile for a while now.I keep on coming back to see if i  can learn more about You………Basically, it is, should i be serving You now and leave my current financial Owner, or should i progress???

I have been serving for a while now as a Financial piggy/slave and i feel compelled to Serve………………

You may ask why do i feel compelled to Serve, well firstly i have been chaste now for nearly 3 years, this helps a lot,,,,,,why did i choose to go that route……basically because of certain shortcoming, compelling me to serve and to strive to serve better and better……..

Kind Regards  
rick “
:: Clearly a copy and paste – look how the greeting is in a different font ::  Can you idiots really not take the time to personally email a Domme you are interested in ?  
and this gem — I’ve altered all of the text, bc he obviously wants to be a STAR on My blog — for free.  YEAH RIGHT.  But let Me be clear — this doesn’t impress Me at all.  I do not care if you go suck a dick, you’re a fag, so what ?  you’re a broke fag ? even WORSE.  stop emailing Me this dribble.  I lose 2 seconds of My precious life every time I have to delete it.  click to enlarge if you really want.

Other people who have annoyed Me this month are as follows :

devotedatm4u – danny martin-  while on teamviewer I did screen shot his personal information though 😀 his twitter is : http://twitter.com/littlepiggy111

::EDIT:: this little weasel thought he’d be a smart ass and tweet ” @theasiangoddess wow.. u got my personal info.. such as?? ”  so, I msg’d him on yahoo and let him know ….

Danny Martin: holy fuckk
Danny Martin: please dont use that address… i live with my wife
TheAsianGoddess: bye bye stupid.
Danny Martin: comeon please
Danny Martin: let me pay you for this or something…
Danny Martin: are you going to use this information?
Danny Martin: please, im seriously fucked
Danny Martin: what do you want?
TheAsianGoddess: told you not to fuck with Me.
Danny Martin: i just want to make this right.. i cant have that info out inthe open
Danny Martin: im soooo sorrry
TheAsianGoddess: fuck off.
Danny Martin: but i worship you.. i adore you… please Goddess

:: I’ve concealed some of the info — but in case you dummies think I don’t know what I’m doing when on TeamViewer and fast I am with the SNIPPING TOOL ::

cuckoldpopstar –   I was warned, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  but that’s ok, I still got My $1200 ! hhahhahha.

boobiezombie – because he never paid his PUNISHMENT fee and was arrogant enough to say that he would’ve been back a long time before if he didn’t have to pay that fee.  DUH.  that’s why you are being PUNISHED.  why would I lift a punishment fee – that you yourself said you would pay ( something like – you know I wouldn’t wank you Goddess ) – and then you NOT pay it and just show up in MY IM again ?  wtf ?  are you mental ?

Now, on to some things I actually DO want to talk about — ME =)  I’m 11 items away from 3,200 items purchased on My Amazon wishlist !   That figure will be going up this week though — I’ve assigned some major binge items for bingeboy for his ” last ” week of service !!! hahahha including ANOTHER Macbook Pro 😀  I’m still waiting on some of his pressies to come in yet – including the brand new Panasonic Lumix digital camera !

bingie has been instructed to send ME daily devotions via email.  I love them.  I’m sure he has a hard time coming up with new daily’s – but I don’t care 😀  hahhaah it’s been an important tool ( even if he doesn’t think so ) for his service for now and the future. HAHHAHA.  he’s so pathetic !!  he’s also paid My cable bill last month and this month which was total of something like $500, My VS card balance, but that was only $130, I also had him pay for some LegalZoom stuff for $200, but the funniest bill he had to pay was this months cell phone bill.  I thought maybe they charged Me for the broken iphone I hadn’t returned yet, but no that wasn’t the case.  went over on minutes.  So the bill was … are you ready for this ?  $652.  LOLOLOL.  I had no idea.  obviously I changed My plan 😛  heheh bananas !!!

Yeah, so bingie has another five days of service to Me … at the minium, so I KNOW I will have more to report on the next blog entry ….. even if his CC bill DID come and he can see the damage .. I don’t care.  I WANT what I want, so therefore I will get it, and YOU will give it to ME 😀  bahhahahhaha

hehehe, My best girl, hollywood, right now is doing really well in MY service.  I’ve been put on his life insurance, we are in the process of going direct deposit a percentage of his earnings that will go straight into My bank account, until then he is still making cash deposits directly into My account, and he set Me up on his bill pay so it can be instant — so no more waiting until the bank opens. bahhahaa !!!  SO HOTTTTT !! I’m expecting a $3,000 deposit on Friday.  I’m soooo stoked for that — I deserve THAT and SO much more and My sissy knows it !!!   he’s gone shopping on MY Victoria Secret wishlist – but I don’t know what he has bought for Me, so I guess it will be a surprise 😀 tehehehe.   he’s also picked up some items on My Amazon wishlist too.  SHE spoils ME 😀 hahhaha

SHE was fined $100 for being late with MY last weekly Tribute !!!  I am taking FULL control !!!  SHE is going to start wearing panties EVERYDAY 😀  I have yet to see her prance around in her panties, and am almost bursting to see =) but I am SO patient.  hahhahaha not.

$380 for electronic cigs and cartridges from bingie

AAA is having some personal issues and has taken a ” leave ” of absence.  but he still owes ME for our Anniversary — and I won’t let him forget it either 😀  he will STILL be in chastity because he didn’t PAY to release it !!!!  AG’sbitch has come back around to see if he can be loyal and faithful, he takes some work, and I don’t mind holding his bitch hand while he finds his way to the Most Perfect Light of all.  ME 😀   he better be saving for MY new Ipad2 😀  he is My apple boy !!! hahhahaha.  he’s been picking off some lighter items on My wishlist which always makes Me smile, including the above ab thingy !  his emails always make Me giggle ! love it.   I also took $400 from jack, but he’s laying low – or I just haven’t been avaliable to RAPE !  HAHAHAH – a blast from the past gave Me a $75 Victoria Secret Gift card, I used it in 3 seconds 😛 hehehe.

I love emails from bingie :

Hello, Goddess Karen,I didn’t dare contact you until your second bill was taken care of, Goddess Karen.Thank you for using me, Goddess Karen.Thank you for letting me pay your bills for you, Goddess Karen.

Thank you for ignoring me, Goddess Karen.

I worship you, Goddess Karen.

Your drooling slave,

bitch bingie

Again, above is an example of emails I am willing to receive and respond back to ( maybe – I SO enjoy ignoring binge boy !!! HAHAHAH )
Also, so that everyone knows.  I am no longer with Glamworship – I was invited by MsTierra and of course I accepted, but as time went on – the site went from 8 girls to 25, some I’ve never even heard of, and I was under the impression that the site would only house the MOST exclusive, MOST well known Dommes on the ‘net.   I also noticed that the marketing had really been slacking in terms of tweeting and blogging – after a conversation with some of the Ladies, I decided to leave.  SOME of My images are still up, and I will be emailing the owner about that later on, but just an FYI, I am no longer with them, but I am still doing $FriCam as usual on YIM 😀

Tribute via Clipvia below !!!