Birthmas 2012 comes to an end …

My Birthmas month is coming to an end. How did you measure up this year ? It started out rather slowly and gained momentum as we crossed that Holy Day … the day of My Birth.

I know I won’t be able to remember every thing and every little loser who contributed to My Birthmas this year, and I didn’t take too many photos of the awesome gifts I received, I mean, really at this point you should know that I don’t fib about how well or how poorly My losers do for Me.

My favorite this Birthmas was fluffers ūüėÄ fluffers has been around for years .. binging HOT amounts of money straight into MY honeypot while I taunt him and make him pay to be My fluffing toy. he fluffed for a total of $6k !!! this time we did a straight money transfer account to account, that’s SO hot. the bank had to do a verification check etc, so Friday the $$ started dripping into My bank account ( kind of like fluffers hahahha ) and F*ck it’s HOT !!!! ¬†I sooo love to make him piss into various household items hahhahaha.

I lit up whiney for $550 — this little shit will never learn that I don’t care about his personal life or whatever. ¬† he’s so easy to steal from. Just put his ugly face up on My sister blog and he starts sending. ¬†easy. ¬†laughable. ¬† nameless slut came through and did the usual song and dance, but I think I got a total of $1500 or something. ¬†tommy sent $1100 and then started crying about being depressed again ( I already touched on that earlier ¬†in this blog ) ¬†a gift from pantybitch of $250, little z sent a $200 Birthmas Tribute, and I had two or three random boys shopping My wishlist this year which was hot, but I hate not knowing where MY gifts of admiration come from — so roger and greek guy — come get totally victimized …. hehehhee. ¬†diddle-m came thru with $2000 but then he pissed Me off again and back to being blacklisted. ¬†Actually a few of you are … you know who you are. ¬†you’re the dumb ass who would text Me to wish Me a Happy Birthday and without a TRIBUTE. ¬†OR you didn’t even bother, but then AFTER My Birthday you think it’s OKAY to tweet or text Me. ¬†ARE YOU CRAZY ? HAHAHHA. ¬†OR that you SAID you were going to shop My wishlist and then flaked and are now in hiding. ¬†you boys — those boys — boy, bye ! ¬†or about nameless slut who STILL owes Me $$ and lied. ¬† oinkers bought ME some amazing bra and panties and other fun things from the wishlist too, but still owes Me a big fat NF if he wants those panties !!!

I also got a GREAT email from verizon telling Me that someone paid My cell phone bill for last month AND this month. ¬†only three of you have access to My cell phone account to pay at My whims, so I was surprised and had to figure out WHO would pay My two month bill of $600 — but I quickly figured it out ūüėÄ ¬† now THAT was something I like to see. ¬†I did have to call them and cancel My scheduled payment, but a small price to pay of My time.

I got a little bouncing baby bitch¬†this Birthmas as well, and so far little baby boy has spent $1300, and it’s just begun ūüėÄ ¬†baby boy messaged Me like 20 times today while I was offline, so I punished the baby by making him strip naked in his marital home ( he’s recently separated) and stand in the corner with his fat tasteless thumb into his baby mouth, in the dark — NAKED. ¬†I wanted My baby boy to feel the panic of maybe his soon to be ex wife coming home and finding the baby boy, but to no baby already knew she would be late. lol. ¬† but so far I’ve loved being his bitchy Mommy and getting lots of pressies and spoilings. ¬†widdle baby boy will take care of his GODDESS MOMMY. ¬†CHA CHINGGGG. ¬†baby gets SOOO aroused when he spends his little baby cash on his Mommy. ¬† hahahahhaha bahahahhaha.

My drones and minions bought about 80+¬†items items from My wishlist for My Birthmas. ¬†I was hoping to get to 5,000 purchased by 2013, but as usual — you FAILED. ¬†I’d hope 4900 won’t be THAT difficult for you bitches. ¬†only FIVE ¬†to go.¬† Nevermind — while I’ve been writing this — I’ve hit 4901 !!!!! but there is still BIRTHMAS LEFT ! hahhahahahhaha. ¬†My favorite Birthmas gift this year were My two ipad mini’s, that I gave away. ¬†lolol — and the sofa from agpayvictim that I have yet to order teheheheeh. ¬†he still owes Me a few hundred $$, but that will come easily and soon ūüėÄ what a good boy.

Birthmas Amazon
Birthmas Amazon
Birthmas Amazon
Birthmas Amazon

I received some Birthmas snail mail from a lost foot boy and it’s no secret he’s been infatuated with ME for years. ¬†Can you blame him ? ¬†My little perfect yellow peds are craved daily and worldwide. ¬†I love to get snail mail – I know it’s a bit old fashioned, but there is nothing like a thoughtful little card with hard earned dollars inside to open. ¬†I’m sure he’s reading this and will be sending another envelope My way shortly.

I’m still owed a few Birthmas tributes from one or two of you ūüėÄ ¬†and I WILL collect. ¬† In the meantime, I’m itching for sun and sand again, and am already searching for relaxation.

This is the first time in many years that I haven’t traveled home to Michigan for Christmas, and while I’m not always there ON My Birthday, I will always travel home, but this year I decided to stay home – it took Me a while to get into the holiday mood, but pulled it out in the end and it was really perfect. ¬†Celebrated Christmas, and then moved right into My BIRTHDAY. ¬†I haven’t decided if I want to go out tomorrow night yet or not. ¬†I’m still kicking it around. ¬†you of course can contribute because it is the last day of My BIRTHMAS as well.

I love being spoiled.

Don't resist, GIVE IN

As you go into the New Year minions, I want you to re dedicate yourselves to being in service to TheAsianGoddess. ¬†Have you fallen off the track and want to get back on ? ¬†you KNOW how to contact Me. ¬†I know you ache to serve and please Me. ¬†I know that when you Tribute your dumbstick gets hard and full of poison. ¬†I know you want to please for the satisfaction of a smile on My face. ¬†you should admit to yourselves that you are ALL victims. ¬†you’ve been victimized, taken and used. ¬†This is what you are BORN to do.