Yes, I know.  you don’t have to tell Me.   I’m working on a blog post today hopefully.  There is much to be updated on, but I just don’t feel like gathering the zillion pictures of pressies I have received.  it really is annoying !

I’m 2 items away from 3900 purchased on My Amazon Wishlist for My BIRTHMAS 😀  you can also send your Birthday greetings in the form of an amazon gift certificate to MY email  – you can also spend on My CLIPVIA and also ( you need an invite from ME to gain entrance to that site )  or even go old school and hit up NITEFLIRT

Remember drones — the entire MONTH of December is considered My BIRTHMAS.  My actual BIRTH DAY is on Christmas — so there is still a WEEK after My BIRTHDAY to get all your Tributes, CASH, pressies and gifts to ME until 2012.  Be warned, like every year, if you don’t pony up and do something for TheAG … well you know the drill.  Enjoy the ignored life.

Who’s been taking good care of ME this Birthmas ?  Well of course My #1 has been showing ME his appreciation of My ownership of him.  $1000 a week CASH is HOT.  Also, he’s  been taking care of My bills and SPENDING and spoiling on MY wishlist !  I love our rules and I LOVE how much he SPENDS !  also My sissybear has been spending on My wishlist every week and sending Me messages of love and admiration 😀  marky came out for a little while and bought maybe 20 items from MY wishlist until real life pounded on his door and he had to take care of some household issues — so instead of pressies every day, I’ve decided closer to My Birthday he can splurge on one big pressie 😀  any ideas ? 😀  Also My fucktoy has been amazingggg even going thru a surgery and a sow of a wife 😀  screen shots to come – but anyways, I decided I wanted to fuck him one night, so I logged into his amazon and sent Myself $500 — I then emailed him about it and told him I took it, and the very next day he came online and was raped again for 2k 😀  he LOVES when I just TAKE from him.  I’ll be doing it again closer to MY Birthday. HAHAHHAHA 😀

I’ll update later with some photos, and more stories.

PS — AAA is banished.  he owes Me $350 and I can’t believe that fucking LOSER just straight up LIED to Me.  what comes around goes around, and believe ME  andy .. it won’t be pretty for you anyways.  I even bought this loser a headstone for his dog who died.  WTF.  suck it.