BLOG 2.0 !!!

Doesn’t My blog look beautiful and clean ?    I highly recommend @AmericanIdoll_ for ANY of the web work you’re looking to complete, vanilla and otherwise.   she’s professional and most importantly creative – and quick in all forms of communication and gets the job done better than you ever imagined.    I’m so impressed and so pleased with the look of this new blog.   HER WEBSITE  ::   Niteflirt revamp next 😀


This gorgeous Louis Vuitton Speedy bandolier bag came from My weakling.    I spent weeks looking for the perfect bag to fit My petite frame.    I absolutely LOVE this bag so much, and am so glad I didn’t have him invest in an LV backpack that I would likely only use when I travel.   I’m very pleased that LV now is making crossbody straps !    he has purchased ME sooo many bags in the past, and I love them, but I’m ready to settle down on having only a few favorites, which means MORE from My weakling.     he also always takes care of My beauty appointments, dinners with My girlfriends, and of course he reimburses Me for shopping.      I love to use him in front of My friends.  I allowed him to meet one of My very good friends in Seoul and he’s happily paying for this Louis Vuitton card case for her.   it’s customary I bring gifts, so it’s even better when HE pays 😀  it’s SO hot, and he never ever says no.   here’s to five more years of being spoiled and greedy with weakling !!!


ag_worship has been busy busy too.     Oh, remember My last post summarizing how much he paid Me ?  it was more like 60k.   LOL.  whoops.   anyways, he was also tasked with paying My major traveling expenses /long term rental for this upcoming trip.   I’m using points for the flight, but I still made him pay for the ticket 😀   he has $3k to go, plus various mini trips I’ll be taking — beach weekend and possibly Japan.    he will ALWAYS owe Me forever and ever.   he WILL do whatever it takes to get ME the cash I deserve.     also, he was very very busy with MY Wishlist and has almost cleared everything that I want … over 65 items so far.    I just did a major purge of items too, so now I have even MORE.    In the last week or so, he’s sent $6500 CASH and over $3500 on the Wishlist.    😀 😀 😀   now that’s a well trained little bitch for Goddess.

I can’t believe how fast this spring and summer has flown by.    In a month I’ll be traveling back again to Seoul for a few months.   Follow Me on IWFC or OF for content that I won’t be releasing on Twitter or IG.   I’ll also be updating Paid Photo sets again on NiteFlirt so that you can always get YOUR fix of AG.


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various other males have made an appearance …. $1000 from tommy but then he disappeared for a month,  and I didn’t even speak to him.  he’s been sending Me emails recently but I don’t see ANY cash attached, as I’ve sent him reminder to PAY the payment request, so I’m not answering him.   so tommy if you’re reading this – go pay the request I sent you 😀

leaky came by and spent another $1000 I would guess,   but I’m still not taking him very seriously,  because he also seems to be quite flaky, and I don’t like that quality in a male.   so we shall see.    marky blast from the past came and spent a little bit, which I always enjoy.      I can’t remember any other memorable tributes so you must have not made much of an impression on Me.   Do better.    Do your ONLY job — PAYING ME.