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Well, here we are — it’s 2017 and the USA is going to shit in a hand basket, but I’ve found time to blog.

So, I guess let’s sum up the end of 2016 — I broke My right foot, and was in a cast and a walking boot for two months, THAT sucked.  SuperDave has kidney procedures and liver issues, I also moved into a different place,   FollowPlus died so I moved to OnlyFans, and Trump was elected.

I collected $10k from anklebiter for the move, and he also owes Me a little over 4k going into the new 2017, and that doesn’t include My next trip to Korea in August – OR if I plan a mini vacation, which I doubt will happen because I’ve been really busy with vanilla life.    he’s been caught once again, but he’s literally DYING not being able to give ME what he owes, so I’m sure he will fucking figure out something.   GET MORE.    some dude from Germany blew through like 7k.  blah blah blah — more more more.

Anyways, as I mentioned — I had a TON of content on ( redirected now ) – but unfortunately I had to close that down.  I was pretty disappointed because I was BANKING on that platform doing what I usually do – BEING AMAZING and Greedy, and was uploading pretty frequently.    I moved over to and slowly have started adding more and more current and past worship material.    the subscription price is the same at $99 a month – so go SIGN UP NOW to please ME and send Me tips to make My panties wet.

I don’t really have much to chat about.  the online scene is really getting stale, don’t you think ?   It maybe about time to retire.  I actually consider Myself semi retired at this point — and just hanging out collecting your cash.   I’m pretty happy about where I am in life and now this is just a hot hobby of Mine, so if you can get My attention you should feel very privileged .. or have deep pockets because I dont fuck with most of you anymore, because you thought I needed you — I don’t.  I’ve proven that over and over again.  That’s yet another reason why I’m such a bad ass bitch, and your need to grovel at My perfect feet becomes even stronger, so give up the money you don’t deserve ?


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