Catching you up ….

HELLO !  I’m back from My mini trip home to see My family obviously, and time to get you freaks an update before your pea sized brains explode from only have My twitter feed to read !

Let’s start with My trip and how My agsbitch paid up another $500 for tickets and  My little sissybear for paying for MY flight upgrades to Business class, I do hate to fly coach and if it’s available I will always upgrade when I do online checkin 24 hours before My flight.  It’s very silly to actually BUY business class when booking the trip because 8 times out of 10 there will ALWAYS be business class seats !  tommy kicked in $250 for being AWESOMESAUCE as usual too.  It was a short relaxing trip with PERFECT breezy florida weather – I’d like to get back down there by Myself in April just to spend some more quality time with Mom and Dad though, so you boys need to work on that ASAP.

new luli chevron bikini from #1
$500 from agsbitch !
the moon out during the day in Florida

Originally I went vegetarian on Feb 16th, but two people told Me to watch Forks Over Knives so I watched it, and in that moment I went vegan – I  had already told My mom that I went vegetarian and her head was in a tizzy trying to figure out what to make Me for meals, so I decided that when I go on vacation or out to eat with friends that I would allow Myself to flex to vegetarian if there were no vegan options, so while I was there I filled up on cheeeeeeese ( totally bad for you ) but I stayed away from ice cream ( My Dad is an ice cream NUT ! ) and had vegetarian lasagna and spicy black bean burgers and the rest of the time just ate fruits and veggies.  Since I had about 5 days of vegan goodness before I left, I could totally feel Myself going into a sluggish mode by the end of the trip, so that really tells Me something about My banging body – I can completely feel a change in the way I think AND feel, so that’s proof enough for Me !   I know My twitter feed has been NOTHING but preachy vegan diet tips and articles – so I started another twitter feed @TheVeganBeauty if you’d like to follow My progress.  I’m also saving ALL the recipes that I’ve used so far in this crazy food adventure – so I ask you readers … should I start a vegan blog ????? Comments appreciated !

I’d also like to mention that before I went to Florida at the end of Jan with My bestie I weighed in at 108 and I had been working out daily for about 28 days before I left – I saw some serious changes in My body, but when I came BACK from florida, I fell off the wagon and had only worked out about four times, but I did go vegetarian and then vegan.  I haven’t really been on the scale very much, but the last few days I’ve been on it .. and wow – I’m a little gobsmacked, because I am weighing in at 104 !!!!  and I have barely worked out !  so I think I’ll start working out 2-3 times max a week just to keep MY perfect tone and call it fucking GOOD ! I remember in the doc Vegucated that you cant NEVER be overweight by having a plant based whole foods diet -I am now a believer !!!!! 😀

scale is dirty lol.

Ok, let Me think by memory who’s been good to ME lately as deserved.  aussieoinkers came back with a lovely $300 order from amazon including this insanely hot red bikini that could NEVER be worn outside lol – he’s aching for ME to send him another pair of MY worn panties I bet, seriously, who wouldn’t ? HAHAH  jerkoff paid $300 but now is CRYING bc I won’t do another custom for him for less than $250.  HAHAHAH oh well LOSER, you keep jerking and I’ll keep being PERFECT.  that lying annoying disgusting slut has paid off like $900 to Me, but still owes Me like $1800 and won’t be talking to ME until its fully paid – he can send all the annoying long winded emails he likes – but that shit IS NOT HAPPENING until PAID OFF you dumb loser.   OF COURSE MY #1 has kept Me happy with $2200 so far this month in cash, and also he will be paying on MY ( his lol ) bills this week as well – electric, gas and cell phone.  IT IS SO AMAZING TO BE ME !! he also picked up this SWEET Juicy bag that I had on My wishlist before Christmas and when I visited Meggerz she had one, so I got to feel it up and put it BACK on the list, and My perfect #1 picked that up for ME =) I loveeeee when he shops for Me !   yummy fucking YUMMMMMMY.   dumb bob picked up My whole foods grocery shopping trips this week of $240 and cuckface picked up the al fresco LUNCH I had with My girls MsKatieSavage and LuxxuryPrincess yesterday !  I SHOULD NEVER PAY A DIME — that’s your JOB drones.   My AAA came back with $300 that he owed ME and is due back on his TRIBUTE schedule TODAY of $400.  Also new boy mickey is trying HARD to impress Me with $500 via clipvia and venmo !  I’m trying to think – and I’m sure I’ve missed a few of you – which is par for the course. HAHHA

I think I am the first Domme online to have her Ipad 3 ordered and ready to go !  hahhahha agsbitch knows he is MY APPLE BITCH !!!!  His first EVER gift to Me was the Ipad first generation !!! ( got a second one from akturk a few weeks later for My davey ) and he’s purchased ALL My Iphones and now Ipad 3. bahahhaha. YES.

hahah IPAD 3 ORDERED with cover from AGsbitch!

I am in LOVE with Apple products as most of you know.  Next on the list is AppleTV and also the actual APPLE TV. HAHHAHA neither will be released for a hot minute though so save your dollars for TheAG ! HAHHAHA !  what is My next goal for My AGsbitch ?  HAHAHAHA he knows what that is and its ALL ABOUT CASSSSHHHHH !!! yummmmy yum.

I will leave you with some amazing images to worship and DROOL over – SPEND SPEND SPEND

you can’t handle this ass except to PAY IT
you will DO anything for these pretty toes
what have you done lately for TheAG ?! DO MORE and MORE




hey losers, you should also sign up for Amazon Prime so you can get FREE two day shipping on MOST items you send Me anyways – its $79 a year and WELL WORTH IT – your first month is FREE.