Counting down …

The time is counting down fast !!!!  tick tock 15 days and counting !!!!  So, the next few weeks are going to be HECTIC – so if you’re not PAYING, you’re on the BOTTOM of My list — but you are used to that — always being on the bottom.  working for ME !

new boy pressssss picked up a cruise line gift certificate to be used in three weeks =) awesome !  thats what I’m talking about !!!!  I love love LOVE when you boys LISTEN and DO =) hehehe.  bitchface paid My $275 cable/internet bill – yikes that was a high one !! I should really delete My netflix account – I don’t even use it anymore, bc they don’t get the new releases fast enough — I’ll stick to My PPV.

My girls night out last weekend was awesome !  I had so much fun, and you boys did a great job at paying for ALL OUR DRINKS and dinner =)  I did forget to turn on MY NF line and MY TS line while I was out, which is a bummer, bc I’ve got a TON of Niteflirt emails asking ME what happend – well, I got drunk and forgot – My tiny ass had four drinks and was more than tipsy at that point 😛

here’s a pic that bf snapped before I went to dinner – you can see MY heels on the side, but since we walked to the resturant, I was NOT going to be wearing heels, so I wore flats :D:D:D

going out on your dime.

sissybear, agpayvictim and aussie oinkers all contributed to MY night out – now get those wallets out again bc there are wedding gifts to PAY FOR !!!!  you DO want Me to have a gift from you right ?  I mean, its basically the BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE thus far !!!!  jerkoff sent $500, whiney owes ME for this week’s ” info ”  – so his stupid ugly pics stay up until he PAYS again and of course his LATE fees. EDIT – PAID $500 !!!!! what an idiot to think he can cross ME.  I get what I want bc I want it !!!!  and you KNOW this.  he HAS paid another $500 the last few weeks, and he’s in contract for five more weeks – PAY – MONDAY I release the LINK to the blog with all his ugly ass pics.  look for it.

Frye Boots from aussie admirer !
Frye boots from aussie admirer ! yep TWO pairs
SOOO comfy.
Upgrade Nuvi from chicagoboy
another BIKINI from pressss - and the bottoms came in too
sooo cute - no idea who these came from!
another pair of Juicy's
chicagoboy - and these are PERFECT for vacation ! woot!
New spinner luggage from ANON =)
from sissybear 😀
wanna sniff ?!

Yes, it’s been a LONG while since I’ve done some pantyhose/stocking pics.  how’s THAT feel losers ?!  GOOD, now SHOW ME with CASSSSSSSH ! bahahhahahahahha.

So the next few weeks are going to be hectic like I said – so really, if you want MY PRECIOUS ATTENTION – then be a good DRONE and work and pay, work and pay and work some more and PAY !!!!  😀   I’ve got a TON of new pics, and no, I haven’t done the bikini slide show yet, so I’ll get working on that …… bc your money is MY MONEY and I want it ALL !!!! :D:D:D