Email Dribble

I’m probably one of the few Dommes that does not get an overload of emails every day — the losers don’t tend to email Me dribble bc I just won’t respond to it unless I feel there is something there for Me to pounce on and manipulate.  Lately however, I’ve been getting emails froma  few freaks, and bc they DIDN’T attach what Im here for — MONEY and Adoration — I’m just going to publish them bc they are taking up valuable space ….

“Frank ”

Email 1 :

> > My Goddess, my Owner.
> > Your control is the greatest gift.
> > Your ownership of me is all i need.
> > i kneel before You in awe.
> > Of Your Power.
> > Of Your Beauty.
> > Of Your Grace.
> > i worship You with all my heart.
> > You are my every thought.
> > i wait with baited breath
> > for Your every command.
> > i wait to be used by You
> > for Your own benefit.
> > my life is lived for You
> > and my fate is in Your Hands.
> > Please Asian Goddess
> > i beg You to use me.
> > i beg for a display of Your Control.
> > i beg for a display of Your Power.
> > i await Your Divine Command.
> > On my knees. Where i belong
> > In Love Frank

Email 2 :

Holy Asian Goddess
Heaven’s Gift to all mankind
The earth is but Your Countenance
The stars are but Your mind
Your Beauty fills the firmament
Your Wisdom fills the air
Your Perfect Will, it sanctifies
It blesses everywhere
I offer You submission
My body, soul, and mind
All is for Your Happiness
The rest is left behind
In gratitude for all You are
For all You deign to share
I kneel in helpless reverence
As long as I can bear
Asian Goddess , hear my plea
All I am, I am for you
In Love Frank

LOLOLOLOL –  I barely scan emails from you losers …. this is just COMEDY.  I’m not your Owner.  I don’t even fuking KNOW you.  How is it you boys think you can just ” name ” an Owner ?   stupid asshole.

Another weird example :  I’ve seen this copy and paste email on a few Ladies Blogs.  So yeah – unimpressed and pretty much horrified.

” Jack ”

  jack rider <>

My name is jack and i was hoping you would make a video for me?
It is a wierd video, 1 which will not have done before and most prob never do again.
I want Mistress to walkaround the streets with 2 guys(1 to film and 1 to beat someon up) looking for an innocent man.
when you have found your victim i want Mistress to ask him if he could walk her through an alleyway because she is scared(you could film this by saying Mistress is making a documentary for T.V, then half way through the alleyway her other male friend could block them off, then Mistress look at the victim and say with a giggle “looks like i have set you up, im gonna so enjoy watching my man beat the fucking shit out of you” then she tells her friend to punish him.
Could Mistress then instruct her male freind how to beat him, instruct him what to do.
I want a very violent beating with Mistress really enjoying herself while the victim gets a good beating. i want alot of blood maybe some broken bones(arm?)
Could Mistress wear thighhigh boots with a latex catsuit on?
i want alot of faceshots and ass shots of Mistress while the beating takes place, could it last about 20mins.
at the end of the beating could Mistress stand over the victim and say “you pathetic peice of shit, watching you suffer turned me on so much, then spit at him and stamp on his balls and kick his face.
I want this done in an alleyway because there is no witnesses,
If it is easier you could beat up a homeless man.
Thank you, Jack

OH and this asshole – THOMAS MACKEY again — when do you think this fag will get the HINT ?  I’ve blocked him everywhere – and yet, he STILL sends these dumb ass emails.  FUCK YOU.


YOU get more and more gorgeous every day!
that latest photo on your blog “you ARE indeed a loser for ME !”
is ridiculously hot!
i hope to serve YOU again soon

This was My response :

Fuc* you.   Do not email or contact Me again shi*head.   I fuc*ing hate you and wish death on you .    You stupid *unt ! 

Sent from My iPhone.

OH I had another to publish but I guess I deleted it.   Here is an example of the kind of emails that I am willing to receive :

Oh, Goddess Karen, you’re so superior to me, Goddess Karen.

I am not fit to be in your presence, Goddess Karen.

I don’t deserve all you give me, Goddess Karen.

I am a piece of shit you step over and ignore, Goddess Karen.

Please ignore me, Goddess Karen.

Please abuse me, Goddess Karen.

Please use me, Goddess Karen.

Please let me worship you with tribute, Goddess Karen.

Your GreedDot number is:

xxxx xxxx xxxx xx

Thank you, Goddess Karen.

Your pay slave,

bitch bingie